Gore at Musik på Gator & Torg in Söderköping 17/6-23

There are days when you truly feel that you are blessed and was able to watch something great and remarkable. This Saturday was one of those days for me. In my little hometown of Söderköping, Sweden there is an annual venue named Musik på Gator och Torg, Söderköpings Gatufestival .Well to be honest it hasn’t been a venue that really has attracted me as it mostly is local musicians in different ages performing covers in a variety of skills. Some sound good and others are just really enthusiastic!

This year, one part of the festival was practically in my own backyard, so we decided to check out the acts. Most of the line-up, was as the previous years; artists playing covers! Of course this kind of music has a place to fill, but it is what you expect in a bar or a pub as background noise when you hang out with friends for some beers! All of a sudden three young guys entered the stage. Gore is what they’re called and the bandmembers are : Alve Med’en Karlsson,Tyr Thollander and Petter Lind’en. Young guns really, as they are 16 and 17 years old. Their technical- and musical skill are on a level that others may reach in their 30’s.

All of a sudden started listening actively and I just felt the good goose bumps and my nerdy smile was there! They played some covers mixed with their own work. I just felt that I had to talk to them so a very spontaneous little interview presented itself in my own backyard! They told me they met at school but have played music since they were young. In this constellation however, they only have played since February 2023. This amazed me! Gore sounded in everything as they had done it for years. I asked them what got them into Black Metal. All three of them answered that they were intrigued by the technique, and that they today mostly listen to Old school Black Metal.

When they played their own work, I could clearly here inspiration from bands like Gorgoroth,Cancer and Satyricon. To play is something they do after school time and they said: For our age isn’t  much to do in general. Too old for doing childish stuff and too young to hang out in clubs, so we felt that we could do something wise with our time and be creative. In 5 years they hope that have come further in the music industry and hopefully have a chance to release a full length album.

Gore will release a single during the summer on different streaming platforms and their music is available at Soundcloud. They have had great help from Stefan Wållberg at Moss Studios where they have recorded their music. Plans for the near future include that they hope they get a chance to enter Livekarusellen, a competition for young talents. My humble opinion is that they have a huge chance to win it all. I predict that we will see them on stages in the future because they are pure talents.

On behalf of Maizter-Underground I wish them a bright future.

Truly yours!


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