Gothtanica releases tracklist Själavals

Swedish Gothtanica has released the tracklist for the upcoming album named Själavals. The new album contains 13 tracks and is going to be the 8th studio album of this Gothic Industrial band. Earlier Gothtanica released the albumcover art. A release date for the album is not been announced yet.

Karl Johansson aka The DarkLord has started Gothtanica at the age of 9 (!!). Throughout the years the name changed several times, but the music stayed the same. When the band split up several years ago, The DarkLod decided enough was enough. The Multi-instrumentalist from Sweden made Gothtanica a soloproject where musicians are hired for live performances.

Gothtanica is an independent artist who writes, produces and masters his own work. To make sure you wont miss anything The DarkLord releases follow him on his socials and the known streamingservices.

If you want to know what Gothtanica is all about, watch the video below!

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