Synlakross drops new single and video

SynlakrosS has released their new single/music video called “Bunnies And Bows”, included in their new album Mental Parasites that will be released on October 3rd.

Lyrics are full of protest and irony and were designed to empower those people who suffer or have suffered discrimination, oppression or harassment by a sexist and toxic figure. This is a problem that is still very current and that not only affects women.

It’s a very personal lyric where Patricia, singer of SynlakrosS, speaks from her experience, while the music, full of energy, charges your inner batteries. A real banger!

In case you don’t know them, SynlakrosS is a Spanish female fronted band which plays a Melodic Death Metal base with some of alternative metal, nu metal and metalcore influences.
Sharp riffs and powerful rhythms accompanying a female voice with soft melodies and crazy screams that will caress and shake your eardrum equally.
Their influences are bands such as In Flames, The Gazette, Korn, Slipknot, Dir En Grey, Lamb of God, among others.

The line-up consists of:
Aarón Hidalgo: guitars
Pablo Fuentes: bassguitar
Iván Munoz: guitars(rhythm)
Patricia Pons: vocals
Dan Shurak: drums

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