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Boy Destroy, or as his real name is Leo Jonsson Skywell, is an upcoming artist on the music stage. During late winter/spring of this year Boy Destroy joined Johnossi on their tour. Boy Destroy:” I was familiar with the guys so they asked me if I wanted to tour with them as their pre act. It has been a fantastic experience to tour with them and it has given me the opportunity to meet both old and new fans.”

Boy Destroy started to write music to cope with addiction and it has had a healing effect on him. Boy Destroy: “Addiction isn’t easy to cope with but the music helped me to cope with feelings and everything that has been hard in my life.”
It is hard to label the music Boy Destroy makesto a certain genre , and I totally understand that the music industry needs the labels so they know how to promote an artist, but for myself I think it’s quite boring to put a label on music. Music is great or bad for me and that is what I need to know! Nevertheless, Boy Destroy has been labelled as indie rock/alternative rock but to be honest, I think his music is influenced by a lot of genres. I heard emo, rock, hip hop and pop in the music and some of his song reminded me of a young Billy Talent!

Two years Boy Destroy released his first EP, Warpaint (April 15th, 2021)  which sold very well in both Sweden and abroad and the title song was often played on Swedish radio. Boy Destroy: “My goal is to continue as an artist both in Sweden and abroad as I hope to tour both in Europe and USA”.

On the 24th of March Boy Destroy released his new video for the single No sleep and it was a song that directly went into my heart and soul. The song has a great beat and a captivating lyrics and what I like most about Boy Destroy is that he feels genuine and honest. He just gives us the whole register of feelings. He sings with his heart on his sleeve and the nerve is there and worth mentioning is that Kurt Cobain is a great inspiration to him.
Boy Destroy: “The plan is to release a new single before the summer and my new EP will be released in September of 2023. Honesty in my music is important as I want to tell stories with my music. Even if you are a stage persona I need to get the foundation from what is me in my core. The plan for the summer is to tour and be on some festivals but the schedule isn’t written yet so unfortunately nothing I can share for the moment”.

His videos are really good as they are imaginative and creatively filmed. Boy Destroy adds: “I want to tell stories with my videos. The ideas are mine and I have a fantastic crew that helps me to make those ideas come to live. The addiction is a part of my history that I want to be honest about. I have overcome my addiction and but I hope my music can help others to heal from similar situations!”

My prediction is that we will see a lot from this talented guy and I hope I will get the opportunity to soon see Boy Destroy live again. On behalf of everyone at Maizter-Underground we wish Boy Destroy a great future!

Yours truly!


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