A talk with The Great Discord

The Great Discord hails from Linköping, Sweden. I discovered their music 2017 on a local festival named “Keep it loud!” and they totally have blown my mind. I have seen them live several times after that, and every time I watched them I have been assured of that I have seen something spectacular! However, it’s very hard to describe what I have seen.

Cr Per Addenbrooke

The band started with Aksel and Fia back in 2014 when both friends started to bounce ideas and that lead to the birth of The Great Discord. Today the members are:

Aksel Holmgren – Drums
Fia Kempe – Vocals
Rasmus Carlsson – Bass
Victor Edström – Guitar

In 2015 The Great Discord released their first record named Duende and it is filled to the brim with dark beautiful poetry in the lyrics. This is the blue album.

In 2018 their second album The Rabbit Hole and it is the red album. The sound is a bit heavier but exquisite music none the less and it holds two of my favourite songs, namely Cadence and The Darkest Days. On March 22nd  it is time for the third album Deam Morte and this is going to be the black album. Once again it is a bit of change in their music wall as it really feels as industrial metal which I just love! The Great Discord has always been hard to put in a box and sometimes you just know it is damn good and doesn’t need to be labelled.

What I think makes The Great Discord to be a band that stands out is talented musicians that lifts lead-vocalista Fia extra ordinary voice as she has a sick range that can be fragile in one moment and then explode into growling in the other. I can think of only two vocalists in Sweden that have that wide range, first is of course Fia and the second one is Åsa Netterbrandt from Slashy Sue! I would love to hear them in a duet!

The Great Discord is a band that always moves their musical boundaries and challenge their audiences but truly in a good way! It is unique music and quality in every tone!

I had the opportunity to speak with Rasmus Carlsson who is the bass player for The Great Discord about the new and upcoming album.

Rasmus says: “The album is our interpretation of the seven deadly sins. Fia’s stage persona has become the death goddess “Dea” and she is the cicerone in the different stages. We have now found our sound and found a solid base to stand on. After playing together since 2014 we have become close friends .We have found the true core in our music and it has taken us to a more industrial metal sound.”

“When we go on stage we have a thought behind everything as we wants to give our audience an unforgettable experience. We play with light, sound and stage personas. Fia is the key person with her androgen creature that has different sides on all albums.”

“During the last 8 months have we released songs and still have some aces in our sleeves for those who buy album number three.”

“The video productions are made by Pazuzu Recordings which is the bands own company. We have decided to release the record without a record company and thus we have a smaller budget than if we would have been backed by a label. All members are creative persons and together we came up with all ideas that in the end became the record and video’s. To do it this way ensures us to keep control in every step of the way and have it done our way from idea to final product. It might take some more time and the costs are higher for us but in the end we are satisfied with what we have done.”

I ask Rasmus if they will be touring once the new record has been released and he replies. “ At the moment no tour is planned but we are hungry to meet our fans again. The adrenaline kick when you are on stage and see the audience is with you is nothing short of a magical feeling!”

We talk a bit about when The Great Discord toured with Ghost. Rasmus says: “It was like a dream! The first gig in Denmark was nerve wrecking but once our feet hit the stage everything fell into the right pieces and it was truly amazing. With The Great Discord I have been able to do a lot of cool things. The well-known South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas (USA) and touring in the United Kingdom were great moments.”

We talk a bit of Fia’s stage persona and I mention that in the video for Dies Irae, released about five months ago, one thing happened that I wasn’t prepared for. Fia showed us her face without stage make up! Rasmus replies: “That song is really a strong song. It starts with a documentary feeling with the interviews of perpetrator and victim as the song is about domestic violence and sexual abuse. Fia wanted, as well as everyone else in the band, to show that this is real and that we need to make a changes in it! To many are suffering and it is a sick statistic in these crimes.”

We also talk about the song Gula that was released seven months ago. I was surprised by the jazz intro. This song is about greed says Rasmus. “Greed in many different layers and it is something that society today has too much of. People who prey on power over others.” For me (Stina) the video gave a feeling of a Russian club with oligarchs who challenge each other.

The first song that was released from the new and upcoming album is called Blood & Envy who was released 8 months ago and it really has become a favourite for me.

I thank Rasmus for his time and wish the band on behalf of Maizter-Underground a great future and hope we will see them live on stage soon!! The Great Discord is a live band extra ordinary so if you get the chance to see them live -just do it!

Yours truly!




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