BRAVELORD releases a tribute to Helloween

Bravelord, the power metal project headed by Chilean musician Rodrigo Bravo, has just released a brand new cover paying tribute to Helloween, one of the most representative band of the genre. ‘Eagle Fly Free’ explores a more epic side featuring some of the best exponents of Chilean power metal.

“While it is true that ‘Eagle Fly Free’ has been covered by many artists, I chose that song because it is the one that, in my opinion, laid the foundations of power metal. It is also a recognition to Helloween, a very important band to me. I’m honored to team up with friends that I admire so much in the metal scene of my country and pay tribute to them,” says Rodrigo Bravo.

The instruments are played by several guests, such as: Guitarist Gabriel Hidalgo (Six Magics, Sadism, Violent Passion Surrogate), keyboardist Pascal Coulon (Steel Rage) and bassist Mauricio Nader (Alejandro Silva Power Quartet, Six Magics), as well as Bravelord’s stable musicians: Benjamin Cisterna on drums, Rodrigo “Pudu” Neira on keyboards and Nicolas Arce on guitar/bass, who is also the project producer.

Bravelord also brought together some of the best voices of Chilean power metal: Ives Gulle (Husar), Paulo Domic (Inquisición, Witchblade, Catalán), Felipe del Valle (Drake, Dolezall, Delta) and Jaime Salva (Rising Angel, Valkiria, Concerto). All of them complete this cover which also includes the visual art made by Sebastián Jorquera.

“This cover was a gift I wanted to give to myself before the release of Bravelord’s debut album. So please stay tuned, because you will soon hear “The Power From The End Of The World”, an enjoyable album for everyone who loves power metal from the late 90’s,” confirms Rodrigo Bravo on the debut that will be released later this year.

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