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Hailing from Greece, 39 year old Foivos Zacharopoulos has built quit a name and career for himself.  Known as one of the best guitarist coming from Greece, Foivos has played on over 700 songs and toured different continents with various artists. Now he felt the time was right to start and create his own music, resulting in a debut EP named Distorted released in 2020. About this EP and a lot more I had a nice talk with Foivos.

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!
How are you doing? Covid and all.

Hi there and thanks for having me. I’m doing fine. Trying to stay as positive as I can and of course, keep myself protected and healthy. Other than that, I keep working fortunately, and in general keep involved with music, as much as I can.

How come you decided to compose/create music?

Since I was a kid, composition was a way of exploring what I had learned after during class. So, at some point that exploration grew into little songs or melodies. I always found it fascinating to create something from scratch and reach it to a point I could call it a song. I believe that one reason for someone to choose to be a musician, is that through music you can express feelings. So it wasn’t really a decision to compose music, it just felt natural.

What can you tell me about your influences and inspiration?

I guess everyday things and situations, that make me want to pick up the guitar and play something. Other than that, I often get inspired by just listening to something. A sound from my pedal board or a plug-in, a song that plays on the radio. Stuff like that. And obviously a lot of bands that I listened when I was younger and still do. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater and so many more.

You call yourself FOIVOS. Why did you choose this name and does it have a (special) meaning?

It was a nickname for the god Apollo in ancient Greece. Also it has been used as a musical name here in Greece because Apollo, amongst other godly abilities, was the god of music. But mainly I chose Foivos because is my own name.

Can you tell me something about the journey this far?

I’m very happy that I’ve chosen to put music in my life, both in a professional way as well as in a personal way too. As any journey, there were good times, difficult times, happy times, times that I made mistake but mostly it’s been educational journey and made me, and still does, grow as a person and a musician.

Don’t you want to part of a band, or do you prefer to be in control of everything yourself?

Even though I’m a solo artist it still is a result of a combination of people that contributed, so that this E.P would come to life. I’m not a control freak but instead I believe that having more than just one idea about something can evolve that thing in ways that you didn’t imagine. And that’s the beauty of a band or a collaboration of certain people. Having a band is my goal for the next album but if that doesn’t happen, I still have great fellow musicians to help me with that.

What are the (long time) goals with Foivos?

Playing music, that’s the goal .Performing live, composing songs in the studio and touring. Anything that involves music and in particular my own music. And of course reaching out to as many people as I can and present them my songs. Hopefully some of them will like them and support the effort, in any way they can.

Are there are singles/ an album coming up?

Nowadays I’m in the process of writing new songs for a full length album. So I don’t have something specific to announce. Regarding live shows, there will be some announcements in the near future. We have to see how the whole Covid thing will go.

Yeah, Covid slows down everything sadly. Thank you Foivos, for your time!

Thanks again for having me!

On behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground we want wo wish you all the luck and success in the world, with all you take on in the future! We sure keep an eye out for you!

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