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In the middle of the pandemic REDREIGNER was formed in Greece. A death metal ensemble that released their self-titled debut EP in 2021. I had the chance to talk to Petros about the history of the band and about things to come as new music is in the works and soon to be released!

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!
How are you doing? Covid and all.

Pretty good! Given the circumstances, all is good! Thank you for having us guys!

How did the band came to exist?

The band started late 2020, early 2021. My brother Constantine and myself began writing some songs. Stuff sounded awesome and we recorded them eventually with the help of Chris Dovas on drums. We were familiar with his sound from Vital Remains and it was great having him during our first steps. Anastasis and Paschalis wrote bass and vocals respectively. And everything took form. We liked how things sounded and released it so others could give it a listen.

Can you introduce the band-members one by one?

Paschalis Christofilos is our fierce vocalist. We share his screams with Zakula (also from Athens) and he used to play with Sacram. Anastasis Karamichalis our fretless bassist, is someone we always wanted to play with but never got the chance until now. He’s been around the scene from a young age. Knows how metal works and where he can stretch. Constantine Jajas, my younger brother, is one of the guitarists and I, Petros Jajas, am the other half of our guitar section. Chris Dovas guested on drums for our first EP and will also be featured on what we have planned for 2022.

You guys call yourself Redreigner. How did you come up with this name and what does it mean?

It’s one of our song titles and fits well with the overall theme of the band. Life, death, frustration, oppression, suppression, propaganda, pain,….etc…let your imagination run wild, like a galloping horse, riding along a clotted mix of sand and blood.

Can you tell me something about the journey this far? Where did the creativity came from for your first “own work” and who (if any) did inspire you?

So far we’ve had an amazing time writing music and recording it. Takes time of course. We work long hours so that’s a drag, but who cares. In the end we do it and the music gets out. The initial spark came from being frustrated and pushed to the limit. We had to somehow let it all out and music seemed like a good idea. Sound-wise we just put together every influence, musical and non-musical, then mixed it all together.

What are the (longtime) goals with REDREIGNER?

Keep going, playing for people. As many as possible. Write, record and perform until we drop I guess. Music needs everyone in order to stay alive. Both us, the scum, and the greats.

Are there are singles/ an album coming up?

Yes! A set of singles will be released in series starting March 2022 and we should have a full-length around this Fall. No exact dates yet but keep your eyes and ears open. The first single is called “Futile” and will be released independently as everything else so far. We just put up a video performance of The Morbid Statistic, taken from our first EP. We did it for fun and for those who enjoy something happening on-screen while listening to music.

Do you have any festivals/gigs/shows planned?

Not at the moment given the pandemic and all but they are coming.

Understandable! Well, I honestly can say I cant wait for the new music to drop! For now, I want to thank you for your time and on behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground we want to wish REDREIGNER all the best with all you take on in the future!

If you don’t want to miss anything REDREIGNER or Angel PR Promotion releases or announces, or if you want to pre order the upcoming album please follow them through the following links!



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