Elysatium drops new single

Danish based Elysatium has released a brand new single. It is called Who We Are and is an independent release. Plans are for this energetic threesome, to release their debut album later in 2022.

Seemingly the new kid on the block, the unfolding of ELYSATIUM has been long underway. Formed back in 2007 by composer and guitarist Steen Caspersen and joined by singer/songwriter Stine Grove in 2019 and drummer Marc Kevin in 2021, the band is finally ready to release their first singles and a debut album later this year.

Having already been compared to the giants of the symphonic metal scene, ELYSATIUM wrap their pop-inspired songs in their own signature sound of heavy guitar riffs, orchestral soundscapes, Stine Grove’s characteristic vocal timbre and that indefinable extra little “ingredient”.

Stine Grove vocals
Steen Caspersen guitars/piano
Marc Kevin drums

To listen to more music of Elysatium, please click the following playlist!

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