Raubtier at Sabaton Open Air 2022

Raubtier is a Swedish band and can be listed as industrial metal. They are a band that divides the rockers in two camps. Those who truly love the music and think they are geniuses and those that do not like the music and state that Raubtier only is music about war.

Line up during 2021. (During SOA 22 Anders Johansson played the drums)

To understand the greatness in the music you have to look deeply ino the lyrics. Pär Hulkoff is a master when it comes to “play with words” in his lyrics as he does so in all his music. Bourbon Boys which is more country rock, Raubtier is more about the modern day we live in now and Hulkoff is more about history. It doesn’t matter to which of the bands you listen to, Hulkoff  always makes true art and he definitely is a true metal force. He has stated many times that he will not release anything that he isn’t fully satisfied with himself.

Together with his wife Lotta is he running Faravid Recordings and he says it fits them like glove. Lotta is doing all the work that before was done by a record company and working together is also given them more quality time together and with their son and family. I honestly can say Raubtier has never released any floor fillers! At Sabaton Open Air (SOA) Raubtier gave us hit after hit and my voice was soar after singing a-long with all of them! A lot of fans were present and it was cheering, hand claps and singing all the way! Hulkoff has a special and recognisable voice, I love his Torneå (region of Sweden, near the Finnish border) dialect and he is always special in his small talk between songs.

Some of my favourites where played ,Hjärteblod and Polarvargen. I can still remember the first time I heard Raubtier as I just came home from work and the radio was on. It was the song Dobermann and I was absolutely blown away by it. It was the hardest but most beautiful love song I ever had heard. I stood in my kitchen and forgot that I was pouring coffee in my mug. By the time the song ended, my kitchen floor was filled with coffee!

I have seen them live many times and it is always a band that delivers a great show. If you haven’t heard this metal force from Northern Sweden, check them out and you will not be disappointed! On behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground are we wishing them many more years of metal and Hail Odin!

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