Exclusive insight into the tour preparations of Tungsten!

Tungsten is a four piece metal outfit hailing from Sweden! With the recent release of their third album called Bliss, Tungsten has firmly established their name!
After a festival filled summer of 2022, the time has come for Tungsten, to join Swedish Bloodbound in there ‘Tour of the Dark Realm 2023″ and tour accross Western Europe during February and March 2023.

Together with Arion and Northtale, Tungsten is joining Swedish Bloodbound in a tour that visits 5 countries and plays 13 shows in two weeks time! We’ve been given the chance to follow Tungsten closely throughout this period, as well as getting a peak into their preparations towards this tour.

From coming Thursday onwards, every week Maizter Underground will exclusivly gives you the chance to see what happens “Behind the Scene’s” when a metal band like Tungsten prepares for tour.

But it not ends there! When the actual tour has started, we will share inside and backstage information, impressions and reviews of the shows done by these four bands, and allthough we are focussing on Tungsten, there will be more than enough attention for Bloodbound, Arion and Northtale as well!

View all dates for the tour and buy tickets here!

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