Its A Wrap! Sabaton Open Air 2022

Its A Wrap! Sabaton Open Air 2022 Sweden.

After a 2 day journey for me (after leaving Holland at the first of August) my wife and I arrived at Falun in Sweden. The place to be for all (power) metal minded Swede’s and people in general. Main reason for us to visit this impressive festival is the fact that my favourite band Tungsten is opening the festival properly at the 4th of August. And for the first time ever, three journalists from Maizter Underground are here. Next to me both Cynthia (Ciiny) and Christina (Stina) are there to watch and enjoy several concerts and to talk a little with some artists and crew members. Both will share there finding in due time on Maizter Underground.

Sabaton Open Air is the metal festival that is organised by Swedish Sabaton and was founded back in 2008 as Rockstad Falun. Over the years the festival grew from a one-day into a four-day festival including campsite and was re-located to the Lugnet Venue where it is still held today.
The Lugnet venue is a multi-sports venue that includes a Ski stadium. Especially during the nights the (lit) 2 large ski jumps look impressive and give the venue a distinctive and recognisable look! Also worth noticing is the stunning nature that surrounds the venue and the historical city of Falun itself.
As far as camping- and hygiene facilities goes, Sabaton Open Air should be an example for other festivals out there. The camp site is easy accessible, is situated next to the venue itself, fresh water and toilets are available and a dedicated area is reserved solemnly meant for cooking food. Discounts are given for those who want to use the swimming pool and the hot shower’s on the camp site are free to use for each and every one who stays at the camp site.

Sabaton Open Air is a four-day festival that started on the 3rd of august 2022 with a so-called pre-party. The bar-area is huge and is made up of enormous tents. This enables the organisers of the festival to erect a podium in there that is used by several bands to kick off Sabaton Open Air! Some of the artists that rocked the festival at the first day are Eternal of Sweden, Twilight Force and Methane. Together with Cryonic Temple, Introitus and Reaper’s Mark this first day of Sabaton Open Air was entertaining to say the least!

The second day of the festival ( at the 4th of august) started with the show of Swedish Tungsten. An energetic kick off that drew all the people on the venue towards the stage! Throughout the day several other well-known names take the stage and blow the crowd away. Worth noticing is the high quality of sound that rolls over the venue. The technical people who make sure all different mic’s and instruments are come across the way they are intended, have done an impressive and fantastic job! When you keep in mind that there are always differences between bands in how they want their sound to come across, and the limited amount of time between shows they have to re-arrange everything, it is very impressive what they do and they show they can give the best of the best a run for their money!

The third day of the festival ( August 5th) holds a lot of interesting names as well. Although Sabaton Open Air is mainly a power metal festival, the organisation aims to have a varied line up that includes several genre’s and both well known bands as well as upcoming artists! Bands like Curse of Cain, Lordi, Van Canto and Hammerfall rock the house on the second day and without any exception they all gave their best. But perhaps (for me it was) the best show of the day was Swedish Raubtier. Energetic front man Pär Hulkoff turned the entire venue into a warmongering bunch of Viking warriors and took the crowd by storm. Impressive to witness that an artist can have such an impact on a crowd that is already witnessed some impressive live shows throughout the day!

The fourth and final day (August 6th) at this amazing festival gives the visitors their last blast of fantastic metal music which includes the name-givers of this festival, Sabaton, along with 8 other bands. Ofcourse Sabaton is the headliner for today, and without a shadow of a doubt the gave their best. A truly energetic show that is worthy of the band, does justice to the festival and gave the audience a night that never will be forgotten!

Next to all the music, Sabaton Open Air has more to offer! Ofcourse you can get something to eat (good quality food, prepared on the spot), grab a beer or a cola and there are stands selling merchandise, jewelry and all sorts of hats and accessories. But next to that it was possible to get a real or hemp tattoo and you were able to take a ride upwards to the ski ramps which enables you to get a stunning view of the venue and its surrounding nature! Last but not least there was a stand from Metalheads against Bullying. A Norwegian initiave to unite all metal and rock lovers together against bullying. Bullying is not restricted to age or descent and Metalheads Against Bullying aim to bring the metal and rock scene together on one banner and make sure all are included and no one is left alone! Also they run a helpline by phone in their native land to help out people with mental issues and help creating awarenes for mental problems!

Metalheads Against Bullying

All in all it has become a time we will never forget. A fantastic festival that above all found a way to my heart because of the love and kindness that is found there. The atmosphere is best described as laid back, welcoming and a place for likeminded people to find each other! The toilets are reasonably clean (considering they are used a lot), the food and drinks are from a good quality and there are enough places where you can relax a little. All things considered Sabaton Open Air has been an outstanding festival and surely worth a visit for all of you who did not experience this!

Sabaton Open Air 2022:

Accessibility : 9.0
* Food stands are uphill. Little bit hard for wheelchairs.
Parking and Camping : 8.0
* Campsite is situated next to the festival site. Parking spaces are numerous.
Ticket Prices : 9.0
* Prices are great considering the line up!
Line Up : 9.0
* Impressive line-up. Good mix between “household” names and upcoming bands!
Venue : 9.5
* Very clean and well organised.
Atmosphere : 10.0
* Possibly the most friendly and loving festival in the metal scene there is.
Hygiene : 9.0
* Even at the end of a busy festival days, toilets and alike are reasonably fresh and there are plenty.
Prices Food/Drinks : 7.5
* Prices are a little steep, but the quality of the food redeems that.


Links to follow Sabaton Open Air

Website Sabaton
Website Sabaton Open Air

Here is a the official playlist with songs from all the bands that were present at Sabaton Open Air 2022.

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