Johnossi at Louis De Geer Concert and Congress, Norrköping

Tonight was concert time, it was Johnossi who was the headliner of the evening. A band I have followed since their start and they are an awesome live act! For me they’re a special band because they are the band me and my daughter saw on our first festival together! (Bråvalla festival in Norrköping)

Tonight’s concert is at Louis De Geer Concert & Congress, at the venue “Flygeln”. The lightshow was great and so was the sound. Two important components for a great concert! First out was the local artist Per Nordmark. It was the first time I saw him and I just felt awkward. The music wall was great but he didn’t have a voice that was really appealing to me and it really gave me the feeling that the music and song were disconnected. So I was glad it was only four songs!

Next out was Boy Destroy, also a new artist but damn I was blown away. When I feel that my nerdy smile comes on and the goose bumps start coming all over the body, then you just know that you have found gold! At first when he came out on stage he seemed to be a bit shy, but totally transformed as soon as the music started. Boy Destroy had his heart on his sleeve and had the audience in the palm of the hand and the talks between the songs gave an extra dimension to his music. It’s hard to put him in a box and frankly it’s kind of boring to do such a thing. Boy Destroy simply was great! And although Boy Destroy is labelled as Indie rock/ alternative rock, I heard punk vibes and the first song he played gave me Billy Talent vibes. I also heard some hip-hop and pop vibes but everything mixed was a great harmony!
Boy Destroy released his first EP Warpaint back in 2021 and has done really well both in Sweden and abroad. The song’s Warpaint and Lefthanded went straight in to my heart and I truly want to see more from Boy Destroy (real name is Leo Skyvell) This young lad will most definitely have a bright future ahead of him in music

And so came the headliner Johnossi. A band that has an extensive and impressive 20 year career in the music business so they don’t need an introduction. They are well known both in Sweden and abroad. For a lot of Swedes they are now known from the huge TV show ” Så mycket bättre” ,a programme where a bunch of artists in different genres meets at Gotland for a week and give their own views on each other’s  music. It’s on TV 4 ,Swedish television.
What to say about these Johnossi? Well, for me they always have been a live act extraordinary. They always give 100 % on stage and tonight was no exception! We got Johnossi’s love and they got the audience love in return as it gave the feeling when energy goes in waves from stage to audience and back. To underline that feeling, Johnossi got hand clapping, cheering and sing-a-long from a captivated audience! Johnossi played a mix of songs from their entire career, they know how to use a stage and they go with the flow . We got presented with some of their best songs such as “18 karat gold”, “Alone in the Summer” and “What’s the Point”. It was a truly great evening and both me and my daughter were satisfied!

Yours truly!


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