Orange Goblin and Burner at The Crypt

Finally, It is time to see a real rock-concert without covid-adjustments! It is almost two years since it was a real concert. I’m excited when I take the train to Linköping and see Burner and Orange Goblin. The Crypt is a well-known rock club in Linköping. I have seen both rookies and “big” names on this stage. I like the atmosphere at The Crypt, it always has had been good vibes here with a music interested audience.

My gut feeling says it will be exactly like that tonight as well. The light is good and the sound sways over us in a good way. Two of the most important things, to make it a great concert. It is somewhat busy, but not an overwhelmingly big crowd. I see some Burner t-shirts in the crowd so it is not hard to understand that fans are on site.

First out this November evening is Burner. They are the supporting act for Orange Goblin on The Cold North Tour. The tour contains 9 shows that are played in 10 days in Scandinavia.
When the evening kicks-off, the people are standing against the walls and up in the bar area, but as soon as Burner starts, the take a grip on the evening and after half a song the audience is in the front of stage! The energy is there, it goes in waves from the stage to the audience and it is so good to feel it! It is that kind of energy that I have been waiting for since the pandemic started. For me this is the second time I see Burner live, as the first time was a covid-adjusted concert when they released their album Baptized in Gasoline.

They really show us tonight that they have a great stage presence and most of all, it shines through that they are having fun and love to play live in front of an audience!

Björn is having a lot of crazy face expressions when he sings and he moves a bit like an old punk rocker (in the most positive way possible!). Mats is more laid back but definitely has contact with the audience. Janne is working and sweating behind the drums, but he has a great time judging by the huge smile on his face! Linköping is Janne’s hometown so he gets a lot of cheers and stomping feet’s from the audience.

The show starts with my favourite : 8 Million Reasons To Cry. Goose bumps and shivers all over my body. It continues with Hey-hey! and this  truly is a catchy song. The audience sings along with full force!
The show ends with Faster, Faster and Burner has truly gone through a metamorphosis. They really grew! I’m looking forward to see them live once again at another show somewhere in the future. They truly have the potential to become a really great rock band!

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What follows is the leading act for this evening and this is Orange Goblin from the United Kingdom! Before the show I had the opportunity to have a talk with the band. Sadly the world wide Covid situation has delayed their 25th anniversary as a band for two years. Orange Goblin states that it feels like a dream for them to be out on the road again and meeting fans in person once more. The pandemic has felt like a vacuum and finally it is time to breathe and live again. “We fuckin love this life!”

“A new bass player is on board and this tour is really a chance to make Harry part of the Goblin family but most of all we have missed the connection with a live audience so much! In Malmö a guy, standing in front of the stage, and cried of happiness/ Moments like that will always stay in our hearts. We also made awesome new friends with the guys in Burner! We couldn’t have had a greater band with us to do this tour together!”

The guys are really sweet and funny! They where a bit confused WITH Swedish candy, especially the chocolate Plopp. It has a total different meaning in English but sure ,Plopp can be smooth and creamy!!
We talk a bit about the differences in language and misunderstandings that can be really hilarious. They got their Surprise Kinder eggs that they put up on the rider, and now they can add rabbits and deer’s to their collection of Kinder egg toys! Needless to say we shared a lot of laughters!

Unfortunately, Norwegian fans weren’t able to buy merchandise at the venue in Norway, due to regulations and taxes. The costs and taxes to bring the merchandise from Sweden to Norway are simply too high, but it is possible to buy from their home page.

They show us a great stage presence without going on routine. It shows that they love standing on stage and interact with the audience. Orange Goblin are at the front of the stage, shaking hands and hugging people. It is a true nerve in the singing, but I have a weakness  for a voice with “whisky” in it. The guitars are heavy, the bass makes the bloodpressure rise and the drums are the heartbeat of the music! Together, Orange Goblin  makes a really good harmony. For me it feels like I stand there, with a nerdy smile on my face, but I don’t care! It’s because I truly enjoy the show. It is groovy rock at its finest! I would definitely go to a show again with these rock heroes! They have got the honourable title: British Metal Legends!!

The evening was great from all points of view.  The venue, staff and audience where fantastic and the music was absolutely great!

On behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground, I want to wish both Burner and Orange Goblin all the best with the rest of the tour, and with all you guys take on in the future!

Yours truly!




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