Patrick’s album top 10 of 2022

2022 has come to an end. And what a year it was. Loads of new albums were released, we left covid behind us, and live shows are possible once more!

In all genres new music came to us. Big names like Rammstein and Arch Enemy dropped new albums but also lesser known and upcoming acts like Tungsten and Slashy Sue gave us new music to enjoy! And like Maizter Underground did last year, we all made a favourite list of albums that were released in 2022.

Today we take a look at Patrick’s list. Patrick is the owner and founder of Maizter Underground and is situated in The Netherlands. Together with journalists from Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany we proudly can say we have an international and talented bunch of journalists

1.Tungsten – Bliss

The third album of these Swedish metallers and the best album to date! Since it’s release last summer, Bliss has firmly established itself as a showcase of what Tungsten is capable of. Instantly recognisable as Tungsten, but in every aspect this energetic and charismatic foursome have raised their standards to a new and even higher level! In my humble opinion the best album released this year!

Tungsten Spotify

2.Slashy Sue – The Slasher Tapes

The Slasher Tapes is the debut album of this dynamic Swedish couple! After proving themselves as talented and gifted musicians, this power couple embarked on a new mission. The (fictional) story of a female serial killer has resulted in an impressive and coherent album! 

Slashy Sue Spotify

3.Emetropia – Equinox

Again a Swedish entry and this time it’s from symphonic metalband Emetropia. Equinox is an energetic album, draped with all elements that make for true symphonic metal! Emetropia has dropped a masterpiece that should be listened to by every symphonic metal lover out there!

Emetropia Spotify

4.Elysatium – The Giants Fall

Elysatium is a band that originates in Danmark, although it has it’s Swedish influences. Originated back in 2007 this symphonic metal outfit grew slowly but steadily to the point that they released their debut album The Giants Fall. An impressive album that presents the listener with a fantastic insight in Elysatium’s music!

Elysatium Spotify

5.Fuimadane – Bar​á​ttan við Myrkrið

Perhaps a little strange is in this mostly metal list is Fuimadane. A Danish Neo Folk/Dark Ambient music project by Jon Krasheninnikoff Skarin that never disappoint! Bar​á​ttan við Myrkrið is the next album in an impressive list of releases. Instantly recognisable as Fuimadane, this highly captivating music brings you to a time and age that are long gone. But thanks to masterpieces like Bar​á​ttan við Myrkrið, Fuimadane makes it possible to wonder around in ancient times.

Fuimadane Spotify

6.Rammstein – Zeit

One of my all-time favourites is Rammstein. With the release of Zeit, Rammstein shows that they have matured. Although the music is still Rammstein, draped with heavy drums, ditto guitar riffs and the distinctive voice of Till Lindemann, Zeit drifts into a somewhat more serious tone if you will. But with a carreer that spends almost over 30 years, it goes to show that even bands like Rammstein find new ways to keep their music recognisable and renewing at the same time.

Rammstein Spotify

7.Zmey Gorynich – Ѵжица

Zmey Gorynich is an “Extremely non-standard extreme music project” originating from Moscow, Russia. After 10 years, and releasing three albums, Ѵжица was released this year. A clear description is hard to give, butѴжица combines a whole lot of influences from both metal and (Russian) folk music and turn it into a wicked mix of music. High tempo music followed by black metal parts to be topped off by Russian folk music is a well-known recipe for these energetic Russians!

Zmey Gorynich Spotify

8.Bloodywood – Rakshak

Hailing from India Bloodywood conquers the metal scene by absolute storm! Bloodywood brings an impressive combination of Indian Folk music and modern metal and with the release of Rakshak a new and successful chapter is added to Bloodywood’s rise to power! Rakshak is a truly impressive album in my opinion and it shows beyond everything else that these Indian metallers have brought something new and interesting to the table!

Bloodywood Spotify

9.Gothminister – Pandamonium

Norwegian based Gothminister released their latest album Pandamonion after a 5 year relative silence. I am a long-time fan of this Norwegian gothic metal band and this album was highly anticipated by me. Sometimes expectations can run high only to be disappointed, but luckily that’s not the case with Pandamonium. A fantastic album, in every fibre it feels like Gothminister. Best gothic metal album of the year for me!

Gothminister Spotify

10.dArtagnan – Felsenfest

Nürnberg, Germany based dArtagnan is a folk rock band that originated back in 2015. With the release of Felsenfest this energetic and dynamic rock outfit brings a kind of music best described (by themselves) as “Musketeers Rock”. Felsenfest is a mostly fast album, infectious “feel good” rock music that screams for big audiences and mayor venues!

dArtagnan Spotify


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