Patrick’s album top 5 of 2021

2021 has come to an end. And what a year it was. Sadly the worldwide pandemic still has a firm hand on every aspect of our daily lives. Luckily vaccinations started, several events have taken place and numerous albums where released. In all genres new music came to us. Big names like Helloween and Bullet For My Valentine dropped new albums but also lesser known and upcoming acts like Gothtanica and Atonement gave us new music to enjoy!

Maizter Underground started officially back in August 2021. Our crew, however, was active in the music scene, way before Maizter Underground launched. This means we all have albums that are rated high by different journalists and because of that we one top 5 list per person.

Last, my (Patrick)own album top 5 of 2021. A lot of great albums where released and I had the privilege to review some of them. In a wide variety of genre’s new music came to us and there were several albums that have the potential to become all-time favourites in the future. For both Maizter Underground and Metalfans I reviewed albums so I’ve got some choices to make!

5. Bloodbound – Creatures of the Dark Realm
“ All songs are composed fantasticly. Melodic powermetal dripped into a heavy metal sauce, including impressive vocals and fantastic solo’s. Bloodbound has raised the bar to a new standard!”

Bloodbound Website
Bloodbound Spotify

4. Embrace of Souls – The Number of Destiny
“ A impressively strong debut from Embrace of Souls! Well thought out music, strong lyrics and an impressive build up throughout the album. The guest appearances on this album, are the finishing touch of an impressive debut!”

Embrace of Souls Bandcamp
Embrace of Souls Spotify

3. Imperia – The Last Horizon

“The Last Horizon is the 6th studio album of Imperia. Real recognisable gothic metal with a “epic sauce”. It is what Imperia is known for, and they don’t dissapoint! A great album from an equally impressive band!”

Imperia Website
Imperia Spotify

2. XFears – The First

XFears delivers a strong and good debut album with The First. Perhaps best described as 80s progressive rock with a modern Brazilian metal twist. All songs are very accessible, lyrically and musically the album is well thought out and there are some brilliants like Hell Is Here and The Worst PainXFears sets the standard for the future!”

XFears Bandcamp
XFears Spotify

1. Gothtanica – Själavals

“ Without a shadow of a doubt this is Gothtanica’s best album to date. The overall composition of the music is impressive, the growls and screams are from an exceptionally high level and the variety in tracks is well thought out. Själavals is a reasonably accessible album that has some true gems on it. When you’re listening to industrial and gothic metal, this album is an absolute must. The music style resembles bands like Blutengel, Gothminister and Deathstars but put into one sound. Gothtanica delivers a fantastic album and raises the bar to a very high standard for things to come!

Gothtanica Bandcamp
Gothtanica Spotify


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