Tommy Johansson – the most talented metal musician alive?!

Is there anything this man can’t do?

The Swedish multi-talent founded his first band ReinXeed at the age of 13, of which there are now 6 studio albums to listen to. Tommy has done just about everything you can imagine. Singer, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist.

The current guitarist of Sabaton was also recently featured on the debut album of Memories of Old (Maizter Underground recommendation: definitely listen to it!), moreover Tommy is active with Majestica and lives out his love for Christmas among other things – Majestica recorded a whole album about it – A Christmas Carol.

Majestica – A Christmas Carol

However, Tommy’s talent can be seen above all in his covers, which he interprets himself and uploads to his Youtube channel every Friday. Here you can see – this man can really do everything!
I have uploaded my favorites for you, please listen to them and give Tommy a follow! He deserves it!

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