Dark Tranquillity at Sabaton Open Air 2022

The band was formed in 1989 in Gothenburg but in the beginning  (1989-1991) they were named Septic Broiler. Together with In Flames, Dark Tranquillity is one of the most important bands that has set the tone for the genre Melodic Black  Metal. The band has 12 amazing albums in their backpack and yes I have them all! Their albums are a mighty art work without any filler songs!

I was so happy when I saw that Dark Tranquillity were booked to Sabaton Open Air as they always have had a huge impact on my musical life. The lyrics are beautiful and are in complete harmony with the music. I was a bit anxious and nervous as I had not seen them live perform on stage since 2013 (at KB in Malmö). The big question for me was if they still could deliver the magic.
What can I say? YESSSSSS! The magic was there from the first to last tone. Mikael Stanne was our cicerone and told us the stories, backed up with beautiful harmonies. The goose bumps were all over me and filled me with pure joy. Dark Tranquillity knows how to use a stage, they are tight without being repetitive. It obviously showed that the band enjoyed meeting the Swedish audience once again and they delivered their big songs so needless to say I enjoyed every minute with a nerdy smile on my face.

They had the audience in the palm of their hand! Mikael Stanne had tears in his eyes when the audience shouted out his name called out  DT,DT,DT!! Stanne has been important for singers in the growling genre as he has a very pure and delicate voice with warmth and an amazing timbre and emphasis. The energy went in waves from stage to audience back and forth. When Dark Tranquillity played Misery’s crown (from Fiction 2007),Phantom days ( from Moment 2020), Lost to apathy (from Metal for Masses 2004) I had tears of joy in my eyes. This will be one of top 3 shows with Dark Tranquillity I had the privilege to witness.

On behalf of everyone at Maizter-Underground I wish the guys of Dark Tranquillity a long and fortunate career!

Yours truly!


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