DemUnillusions – Edges

DemUnillusions is a orchestral metal band formed on January 1, 2020, in an ice town at the very edge of the world. They are a band without a “motherland” as they identify themselves as a “band of the world”.
After releasing several single’s and an EP, the time has come to release a brand new single and video. A single with a true, sad and emotional message.

The single has been given the name EdgesDemUnillusions about this track:
“In December 2021, Artem Korablev, a close friend of DemUnillusions, died. You might have heard this musician’s voice in DemUnillusion‘s music in the track Paranoia. The song Edges was written many years ago by Artem Korablev and was performed by him personally in the music of Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka. You can hear his voice at the end of the video.
After the tragedy in 2021, DemUnillusions decided to record this track in memory of the musician and friend with the support of Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka and all the people who wanted to take part in the lyric video”.
(The video was created with the participation of friends, relatives and people who cared about Artem Korablev and wanted to honour his memory in one way or another.)

Edges has a gradual slow opening that immediately sets the tone for the song. Sensitive and emotional draped with keys and a heavy drum. Where the song opens with a single powerful yet vulnerable female voice, it quickly gets joined by the male vocals, and together they tell an impressive tale and although it’s obvious for me that their native language isn’t English, the slight accent in the singing adds to the song, rather than take anything away from it.

Edges has a steady, somewhat lower tempo, which fits perfectly to the song. Their previous single. Starlight, has a far higher tempo and fits more into the “modern” symphonic/orchestral metal music where Edges focuses solemnly on bringing a last greeting and a lasting memory to a dear friend. Something they have succeeded in without a shadow of a doubt.

Towards the middle and end of the single, the pace picks up a bit as the song gets more “body” in the form of heavier guitars, drums and keys, but never overwhelming and always with an emotional feel to it.


I knew DemUnillusions from one or two previous releases and I already liked them. For a upcoming artist it can be hard to find their own sound and a way in which they feel comfortable and at their best to produce their best music. DemUnillusions has already found that “sweet-spot” for themselves, and with Edges DemUnillusions has added another chapter to their growing repertoire of orchestral metal! Although the build up towards a bombastic ending of the song are there, DemUnillusions has opted to keep the song (relatively) small and approachable. That makes it both intriguing and emotional to a certain point, but it also shows DemUnillusions isn’t afraid to venture out of their comfort zones and show the world they are capable of delivering serious messages to the listeners of their music!

EDGES has been released on digital streaming platforms.

SCORE 8.5/10.0

Ayracsana – Vocals
Thomas – Vocals and Guitars
JK – Drums

Featuring – Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka, Artem Korablev (vocals), Andrey Stezhnikov (bass), Grigory Sinyakov (vocals).

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