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Hi there!

Some time ago I decided to shut down Maizter Underground for a while because I could not give it the attention it needed and deserved.

In the (short) time that has passed since then, I have discussed things with people around me and thought hard about what works for me as well as the people who accompany me with all we do at Maizter Underground.

Before, we tried to take on as much as we could in order to provide lesser known and upcoming bands and artists a platform to share their work with a new crowd. We still want to be that platform, but we are going to change things over. We will focus more on the Western parts of Europe and Scandinavia and we will try to expand our horizons as we want to include more genres of music. The main reason for this, is that we find that most of our readers and followers are based in this part of the world and that people in general are interested in “more than metal alone”.

Next to that I have decided to not make any (new) arrangements with labels, promotors or the like. Simply because obligations towards other parties puts a certain amount of pressure on to all of us. As we do this for free and in our spare time, it can become hard to live up to all agreements with the quality and dedication they all deserve.

Having said all that, we slowly start posting articles, interviews and reviews again at Maizter Underground. We will work hard to maintain the high standard like we did before. Just a little bit more slowly. That’s all !

Thank you all for your understanding and support.


Maizter Underground

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Patrick Reos

Patrick Reos
Based in The Netherlands.
Writing journalist.

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