Preview: Nekonomicon – Metalwaves (EP)

Recently we published a new interview with them – now we got the chance to listen to the new EP before its release.
The record is called “Metalwaves” and will be released on 09.03.2023.


01. Live by the Sword
02. Heart of Steel
03. Midnight Danger
04. Brand New Journey
05. SCP-173
06. Midnight Danger (The Runaway Wild Remix)

The Cover for the upcoming EP “Metalwaves”

In our last interview Andri told us that he hired Craig Carns (Tailgunner, Induction) as a session vocalist for this EP to keep the power metal / synthwave sound going. The EP is meant to be an extension of the debut album.

4 of the 6 songs on this EP have already been released and you can clearly hear that a lot of emphasis is put on the previously mentioned style here. As a long-established power metal fan, this EP does not bore me even after the tenth run-through in a row.

Craig Carns gives the songs a very special style that is unmistakable.

The still unreleased and first song “Live by the Sword” does not take itself out here and impresses with catchy lyrics and effects.

The second song “Heart of Steel” immediately takes you into the world of an RPG and doesn’t let go of the listener until the end – including one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard. Earworm guarantee!

With “Midnight Danger” and “Brand New Journey” follow the two latest releases of the band, which takes an interesting slide from the horror genre into a somewhat more futuristic direction, before it drifts into completely different spheres with “SCP-173”. If you know, you know – if you don’t know anything about “SCP-173”, get informed here before you listen to it.
But no matter if you are familiar with the SCP Foundation or not, this song really picks you up again!

If “Midnight Danger” was too creepy for you, the last song, a remix of it, will make you feel much better.


Andri said the EP should sound like Power Metal / Synthwave – and it definitely does. The mix of different vocals, perfectly fitting sound effects and instrumental masterclass make this EP an absolute must-have for everyone who loves power metal and / or video games.

Rating 9 / 10


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