The Rock Orchestra at Norrköping

Rock Orchestra is a collaboration between Nathan Reed ( MEGA),Laura Stanford and Jess Cox (London Symphonic Orchestra). This collection of creative artists, trained in the classic genre, are totally rebelling against stereotypes and they are breaking boundaries!

Their performance brings us a dynamic presence and energy to the stage as they are creating an interactive, visual and auditory feast for the audience. This is a group of eleven skilled musicians that perform the beauty of “darkness”, when they present us well known rock- and metal songs that everyone knows, even if you’re not a rocker or a metal head!

The stage bathes in candle light and it show us the skeleton dressed artists with rhinestone masks. Effortless are the melodies swaying out and surrounding the audience. This is the setting for an otherworldly musical experience as it was 90 minutes of pure joy ! This concert leaves me a bit speechless as I try describe how it was! I felt flabbergasted and gobsmacked and the good goose bumps ran all over my body. The show was inspired by Mexican culture, namely Day of the Dead.

It was brilliant put together through décor and outfits, and with lots and lots of candle lights Rock Orchestra lured us into this beautiful darkness where we were hit by the massive wall of exquisite music. Rock and metal blend exceptionally well with the classic instruments as it gave the music a new dimension and made you fell in love with the songs one more time. When you listen to rock and metal you are used to hear guitar solos and drum solos but these were amazing violin solos and flutes! They also gave us playfulness with violin duels.

There stage presence truly showed their joy of being on a stage and having a lot of fun as we in the audience could sense really well! I sat there with a nerdy smile on my face and was completely filled with positive energy. The energy swayed from the stage to the audience and back again. It was a concert where the energy came in waves, and artists and audience became one dynamic source of energy. It was handclaps, stomping feet, cheerings, horns up and headbanging.

Most songs played where instrumental but we also got to hear Cranberries’ Zombies, Ozzy Osbourne’s Paranoid (not often heard with a piccolo flute solo) and Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. Gun’s Roses Sweet child of Mine gave us an amazing violin solo! In my opinion much better than Slash ever can perform on a guitar. Other songs were Billy Idol’s White Wedding and Metallica’s Nothing else matters and they ended the show with a brilliant encore as they gave us Rammstein’s Du hast and Metallica’s Enter Sandman!. If you ever have the chance to see Rock Orchestra live on stage…GO! It is an experience you do not want to miss.

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