All Depraved – A four song Review

Hailing from Austria, All Depraved originated in the midst of the world wide pandemic. With their first song released in May of 2021, and their most recent single released in december 2021, All Depraved is building its name and discography.

All Depraved was formed by two “metalheads” who live on a farm in the midst of the Austrian Alps. They describe their music as “Loaded with killer riffs, thundering drums and lyrics from the abyss of their souls”. With the addition of two extra members, the line-up was complete and work on new music started. The right time for me, to check out what All Depraved is all about!

All Depraved – Makes Me Blind And Insecure

“The First Single “Makes Me Blind And Insecure” was released on 02.May.2021
The Message Behind the Song ” Sometimes everything in life tries to make you blind and insecure, never let that happen.”
In that song/musicvideo was Adrian Erlandsson (drummer from At The Gates, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth)  featured.” All Depraved

From the start the tempo is good. Heavy guitars, quick and heavy drums and aggressive vocals combined with clean singing paints a good picture of what All Depraved is aiming for. A hint of Avenged Sevenfold can be found in this debut song of this Austrians. Trough out the song the tempo keeps fairly quick and both lyrics and composition is well thought out.

Score 7.5

All Depraved – Face The Fear

“The Second Single “Face The Fear” was released on 16. July 2021
The Message behind the Song is “never give up and always Face the Fear”. All Depraved

First thing that comes to mind when listening to Face The Fear is that it resembles early Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu as far as the music goes. The vocals are less heavy than in prior named bands, but that gives All Depraved their own sound. The tempo changes in the middle of the song are a bonus!

Score 8.0

All Depraved – Escape From Despair

“The Third Single “Escape From Despair” was released on 01. October 2021
The Message Behind The Song “Stop Violence Against Woman, Stop with Domestic Violence, it´s time to open our eyes.” All Depraved

From the get-go Escape From Despair feels a lot more aggressive than the previous songs. Both growling and screaming as well as the clean vocals give the song an own sound. The lyrics are strong and have a distinct meaning. That feeling is strongly resembled in the singing in my opinion. Again the tempo changes, and solo parts stand out to me. They truly show the talents these guys obviously all have.

Score 7.5

All Depraved – Don’t Care What’s Wrong Or Right

“The Fourth Single “Don´t Care What´s Wrong Or Right” was released on 24. December 2021
The Message behind the Song “We want to make aware of the topic “bullying”. Whether it’s from the perspective of the bully or the bullied, it’s never too late to step up and take responsibility.” All Depraved

From the four songs All Depraved have released thus far, this one is the absolute best in my opinion. The first three songs all have their strong points as well as points of improvement. Don’t Care What’s Wrong Or Right however combines all strong point of All Depraved into one great song. The singing, the composition of the song itself, as well as the lyrics are from an impressive level.

Score 9.0


After listening to All Depraved for the first time, I must say I’m really impressed. The music is strong with all four songs, the lyrics are meaning-full and the progression in both singers is noticeable.  Especially Don’t Care What’s Wrong Or Right has the potential to become a “fan-favourite” and an evergreen to All Depraved.

For fans of Alternative Metal bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu this band is surely a must listen! The music is reasonably accessible,  the lyrics and composition is well thought out and All Depraved shows a lot of potential for the future!

Overall Score 8.0

All Depraved are:
Thomas Egger – Frontman – Vocals -Guitar
Christian Egger – Backing Vocals – Guitar
Kevin Neuwirth  – Bass
Johannes Lerchbaumer – Drums

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