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There’s a lot more to music in general, and metal in particular, than meets the eye. There are producers, labels, roadie’s, designers and so on. In this last category you can put 3-DEN. A small designing and creating company that makes one of a kind items for both businesses and artists. The last couple of years the company grew nicely and recently 3-DEN took on several contracts regarding merchandise for smaller and lesser known bands. About this, and some other things I had a nice talk with Den, creative mastermind behind 3-DEN, and a HUGE music lover!

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!
How are you doing? Covid and all.

First of all thanks for the interview, Covid affects us all with working at home or not able to work at all. We’ve got to find a way that’s suitable for us, which for me is not so bad as others around me. I can work from home and making 3d prints is something I do at home anyways!

What is your connection to (metal) music?

I have been a fan of music all my life, it goes from Classical and Top 100 all the way up to industrial metal speed core!
The first band I really enjoyed and became a fan of is System Of A Down. I literally listened to all their albums time and time again. Some of the songs from the time I discovered them, are still part of my daily playlists.
But off course I like the well-known band’s:  Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Disturbed, Metallica, Nightwish, Rammstein.. I could go on and on, but you got the idea! haha

What can you tell me about your business and what you produce?

It all started as a hobby back in 2018. I’m a computer technician for my daily job and I wanted to try something completely new (for me and for just about everyone in this matter). I really like to make an sketch or get something form the internet and make it into a 3d object! whether it’s a logo, keychain or a figure! Its really a great feeling when the print is done! When you are able to print it yourself with all the maintenance you have to do, and the possibility that the object won’t print correctly, it gives for a nice tension and makes me it a somewhat thrilling if you will!
Lately I have been making some Halloween stuff like pumpkins and spiders which turned out to look really cool! But I truly like to make prints of all kinds of things in all different colours, from all kinds of objects and in all kinds of shapes and forms!

You call yourself 3-Den. Why did you choose this name and does it have a (special) meaning?

Well my name is Den! And I was thinking of making a brand with 3D so the name was made really fast and it suits perfectly fine if you ask me as it takes the 3d printing and my name Den into 1 name.

Can you tell me something about the journey this far?

Well, I have been printing since 2018. I started with just getting to know how to assemble a printer and how to print some easy objects. As time went by, I got better at it, found a perfect way to handle things (at least for me) and decided to upscale. I got a more comprehensive  3d printer to make even better and more detailed objects. It mostly was a trial and error run at times (as 3D printing isn’t that common yet) but I found my way and I’m stoked and proud of the results I can show to the people I work with. For example, lately I printed several merchandise items (like keychains etc.) for metal bands and artist across Europe. I’m really gratefull for that opportunity and it makes me damn proud to see “my” creations, find a way to fans of fantastic music. To be part of that chain means the world!

What are the (long time) goals with 3-Den?

Well, my goal is to make my own 3d objects and get even better at it. I want to be the best in what I do, and I want my products to reflect that. If things keep on growing like they do now, it is very well possible to gear up once again, and buy even bigger and better printers. That way I could scale up the entire business.
Next to printing objects and such, I truly would love to start working on 3D computer program’s where I can tinker and resize existing models as well as create brand new ones. Especially in things like merchandise it would be handy to tweak the models, because the differences between 2D and 3D can be immense!

Are you available to any artist/band/promotor out there?

Yes off course! We could always see what we can do for each other in any way, and its cool to make something into 3d objects as not everyone has a 3d printer at home nor how to use them. In particular for smaller bands and lesser known artist, I can offer a way to create quality merchandise that is affordable and unique!

Besides making promotional material and merchandise, are there other branches of industry that 3-Den collaborates with?

Yes 3-Den also works with Atelier ‘t Sneeuwklokje, where I make the 3d printers and ‘t Sneeuwklokje paints the objects. That way we create a “one of a kind” item!
Next to that we work closely with the creative team of Maizter Underground in order to create quality merchandise!

Allright! Thanks for now, and we will keep a close eye on you man! Thanks for your time!

For more information, or to make sure you won’t miss anything 3-DEN announces, please follow them through their website and socials!


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