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Greek Antonis Adelfidis can be known for his work in projects like The Electric Bootleg and Zant. More recently this lyricist and keyboardist began a new project named Forbidden Myth. On October 17th 2021, Forbidden Myth released their full length debut album named Zantea Chronicles : The Dream Dominator. A concept epic rock album that introduces the audience into a new fantastical world with many interesting characters. About this album, Forbidden Myth’s inception and some other things, I sat down with Antonis for a great talk!

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!
How are you doing? Covid and all.

Hello Patrick and thanks for the invitation. I am fine, trying to stay safe!

How come you decided to compose/create music?

I started to learn music quite older than usual, around 20 years old. I always had words and melodies in my mind and I started playing keyboards to express myself.

What can you tell me about your influences and inspiration(s)?

I like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, WASP, Queensryche, Toto and all Rock/Hard Rock/Metal genre of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Also electro/pop of 80’s. I believe that my music has elements from all this genre’s.

You call yourself Forbidden Myth. Why did you choose this name and does it have a (special) meaning?

I searched for a name to describe a band that writes material based on epic stories. I believe that Forbidden Myth is the perfect name to describe all that I had in my mind…

Can you tell me something about the journey this far?

I have created many projects with different musical styles, from electro pop to heavy metal and fairytales for kids. I like to write concept albums and to move from style to style. I find it very creative…

Don’t you want to part of a band, or do you prefer to be in control of everything yourself?

I like both. When I work for my projects I have control over everything, from songwriting to mixing. In a band situation I enjoy being part of the team and I like it when everything works perfectly.

What are the (long time) goals with Forbidden Myth?

I hope people listen to and love our new album. My son and me are writing the story for the next Forbidden Myth album. Also I hope to do some live shows sometime.

Are there are singles/ an album coming up or just released?

We just released our first concept album Zantea Chronicles : The Dream Dominator on October 17th on Bandcamp. Also we recently uploaded the lyric movie of the album on Youtube!

Do you have any festivals/gigs/shows planned?

Unfortunately, we have no plans for live shows with Forbidden Myth, because it’s a very big project (eight singers) and it’s difficult to find common time for rehearsals. I hope to find a solution and do some live shows in the future, to present the album to the audience.

I surely hope so as well! For now I want to thank you for your time and on behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground I want to wish you happy holidays and the best of luck with all you take on in the future!

Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy our new record!

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