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Throughout the years metal music evolved and diversified. A lot of genre’s and subgenre’s emerged and gained momentum. Other styles are already years In place, and influences modern day artists. Some people go with the flow, but other artists find new ways in existing formula’s. In this last category you could place Para Lia. A German based Indie/Alternative rock outfit that found an intriguing way to make their second album become 3-dimensional. About this, and some other things, I had a great talk with René Methner, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of Para Lia!

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!
How are you doing? Covid and all.

Thank you for getting in touch. Strange times for all of us around the globe. But as musicians we believe that music can be therapy – even more in dark periods it can help to get through darker days.

How did the band came to exist?

In late 2017, after a long break as a musician I felt the urge to write my own songs again – and with Cindy I found the perfect female voice and spirit. We recorded the song Soap Bubble Dreams, which became the title song of our first album, and Para Lia was born. In 2018 we started to get in contact with the world out there and in 2019 we released the first long-player. In 2021 we released our actual album Gone With The Flow on Vinyl (and digital in late 2020).

Can you introduce the band-members one by one?

Para Lia is a duo from Cottbus, a German town fairly close to the Polish border south east of Berlin. We both are a couple – in music and in real life.

You guys call yourself Para Lia. How did you come up with this name and what does it mean?

Παραλία means “coast” or “beach” in Greek. It was the place Cindy and me once thought about a name for the alternative rock project we were working on. We, and me especially, have a deep connection with Greece. It is the place where you can take a deep breath to fill your soul with energy – when your batteries run low.

Can you tell me something about the journey this far? Where did the creativity came from for your first “own work” and who (if any) did inspire you?

Our second long-player Gone With The Flow was leading into a collaboration with the New York based artist called Louis Renzoni. Music and paintings – the meeting of both and the relationship between both art forms is the essence of the album and also an inspiration for the lyrical context. You can get an impression if you visit the 3D online exhibition with all album songs by Para Lia, paintings from Louis Renzoni, background informations, videos etc.

Give it a visit here:

What are the (longtime) goals with Para Lia?

We are working at the moment on new material. Also with guest musicians on board. First songs are finished. But we are unbound – and so there is no pressure behind it nor a timeline. Maybe it becomes a fine EP?

Are there are singles/ an album coming up?

All is in progress but without a release date yet. But 2022 will see a new Para Lia release, we are sure.

Do you have any festivals/gigs/shows planned?

Here in Germany all public events are being cancelled right now, day by day. No time for making plans like this. So we concentrate our energy in the recording process.

Well, That sound promising! We will keep a close eye out for Para Lia! Thanks!

Thank you very much for your interest. Best wishes for Maizter Underground and take care!

Thank you for your time! On behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground, I want to wish you both all the best with all you take on in the future!

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