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The Quits is a true punkband from the USA. A wild history, unique characters, highly energetic shows and lots of interaction with their public! The Quits will play a special festival coming weekend and will hit the studio soon to record a brandnew album! About these things, and alot more, I talked with The Quits founder and leadsinger Johnny Ketchup.

Hey Johnny, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!

How are you doing? Covid and all. 

We are actually doing GREAT. We took the time during the lockdowns and mandates to write and record our Freshman Self titled Album THE QUITS!
We were Blessed to have recorded our Demo in the basement of Ivan DePrume. Original and former drummer of White Zombie.. He is also the owner of Burning Sound Studio In Oregon USA And doesn’t live far from my house. Haha, you would be surprised how many of us old schoolers have moved to Rural areas, out of the cities Just relaxing and enjoying life on our own terms..
The demo got passed around and picked up steam and before we could come to grips with what was happening, we found ourselves at City View Studios in Salem,Oregon (USA) recording the Full album on a much larger budget.The sound is great and we’re pleased with the final result.
After that, we booked a mini Tour of the Midwest USA and hit the road..
The way I see it, this is Show Business! And what is the motto of Show Business ?? THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!

We were met with open arms and folks saying it’s people like us that KEEP THE FAITH that give them hope in these troubled times!!

How did the band came to excist? 

This is an interesting and humbling question and I am not one to hide the truth or minimize it.
My girlfriend at the time was a bassist..and I had been Vocals in several bands prior. In fact I was the front man of THE DEVIL’S TRAIN when we met. That was a Cow Punk band, Ya know, Like Hank 3.
Anyways, my girlfriend and I were strung out on drugs for quite awhile. We decided we were done ruining our lives and sought help. We were going to meetings at Narcotics Anonymous. There we met a drummer and a guitarist that were also getting clean so we all decided to get together at my home one day!
The Question on the plate was ” What do we call a band made up of 4 people that just Quit Drugs? That’s a No Brainer ,Duh, THE QUITS of course!
The girlfriend is long since gone as well as the other original members , but we sure had a great time and created an original sound. A sound that we still strive to maintain. I want people to hear a new song without being told who it is , And have the say , ” Oh my God ! Is this THE QUITS? This sounds like THE QUITS !! ” What an amazing feeling that is.

Oh and by the way.. YES !!! IM STILL OFF THE DOPE !!!

Can you introduce the bandmembers one by one?

Oh Heck yeah! But before I do, know that this is the current line up and I have been through 7 versions of this band before I found this group of guys. We’re all so different and I think that’s what makes it work. Let’s do this just like I do on stage..

On lead / Rythm Guitars / Backing Vocals : TOKI ! TOKI has been with me the longest in this version of the band. A solid brother that seems to have a knack for finding OUR sound. Even when no one else can including myself..

Next On Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals : DUKKY SIXX ! Dukky is our newest member , going on 2 years now. He was a Guitarist in another band and had always wanted to play Bass in a band. So when he was asked to join us and caught onto our sound he was Hooked !! Ya just can’t beat this guy. He comes in with a Let’s Get Em attitude .Both at Practice and on stage!

In the Back , Drums / Backing Vocals.. : FLYING STICKS LAY !
Flying Sticks is our Middle Child when it comes to TIME SERVED in THE QUITS ARMY. He has over 2 years with us as our Drummer. Its interesting to watch the progression of people. When he joined us, our kind of punk rock was new to him. Now , He plays like he has been doing this for years. Oh , and I bet you are wondering how he got that name ??

Let’s just say he has Butterfingers and ya never know when a stick might go flying out from behind his Drum Kit.. Luckily no one has lost an eye yet..
I suppose this leaves me..
Front Man / Founder / Vocals : Johnny Ketchup. Hmmmm It’s hard to describe one’s self  but ill try! I guess I just don’t have a filter and say weird stuff and think weird stuff and music is always generating in my head.. So ? What does one do with that ? Simple. Put it to music and act foolish on stage.
I’d say I’m pretty high energy and put on a great show that includes Drinking way too much on stage , Jumping around , and having plenty of audience participation. I’m Old School. I just love shows where the singer puts the microphone out do the fans can sing along , or, have a part of their own. Honestly, Im just on the stage to make people happy.It’s my passion!!

Can you tell me something about the journey this far? Where did the creativity came from for your first “own work” and who (if any) did inspire you? 

Like I mentioned before, I’m a Nut Job. absolute Looney..The music is always in my head and won’t stop. Sometimes it bothers me but I just go with it and make it into a song!
As far as an influence. Make no mistake.. For this band, For this sound, It’s Old School Punk like GBH , The Exploited , Germs, Pistols. Heck, you can even throw in some DEVO and a few Crossover bands like Suicidal Tendencies and DRI.

What are the (longtime) goals with The Quits?

I’m born for this. I intend to do this till the day I die. It’s in my blood. I see several more albums being released and many many tours ahead of us. I suppose to play with as many internationally known bands of our genre , At as many venues as we can. Playing big festivals to Thousands always sounds appealing to me. So, I suppose that’s part of the goal along with leaving a musical legacy behind.
So some kid 50 years from now plays out music for his friends and says ” Let’s make a band that sounds like this ” I guess that’s the ultimate compliment.

Are there are singles/ an album coming up?

We’re writing new music now and getting prepared to get into the studio for the next album. This time were recording at Opel Studios in Portland . The owner Kevin recorded the drum tracks for the last Scorpions Album so, I think we’re in good hands. As far as Singles. Nothing new . And believe it or not.. We are a Word of mouth band. We don’t have a strong online presence. Our shows speak for themselves. People talk . OLDSCHOOL !

We could be like everyone else and pour money into fake popularity and less than par Music videos trying to See ourselves. We’re the real deal. We’re on the radio from South Africa to Ireland To Chicago To Iceland. All by word of mouth. We receive offers to play festivals on a monthly basis. All by word of mouth. We’re on the West Coast of the United States and we were the #1 fan choice for the RAVEN FEST 2 on the East Coast. That speaks VOLUMES !!!

We do have our single LOCKDOWN as a Lyric video on YouTube along with some really old stuff with X band members. It’s a hard road right now because the world is weird. Ya can’t seem to get that personal touch any more. You know what I’m talking about. The Damndemic. I want to be involved in any creation of videos with FULL participation and say so about what is put into them. Lately I see bands sending their songs off to strangers that just attach whatever they think the music feels like.
Instead of having the video flow along with the bands intent of the song.. the Soul of the song..

Do you have any festivals/gigs/shows planned?

We’re playing a festival this weekend as a matter of fact. Jess Fest.

September 24, 25, 26 at Willamina Oregon (USA). Tons of bands and for a great cause. A fellow Biker , lost his life 2 years ago in a motorcycle accident. Jess Fest is a benefit to raise funds to be put into a trust for his surviving young daughter..

Final question, why arent you guys signed by a label?

We’re independent but interested if someone at Metal Blade or Cleopatra or Alternative Tentacles or Fat Wreckords wants to talk. Or …. Who knows ? We may just stay independent. We were with a label that I won’t name. The worst experience ever.. Professionalism and Communication were NOT a priority. Lesson learned!

Allright! Thank you for your time. On behalf of the whole team at Maizter Underground, we want to wish The Quits all the best with all you guys will do in the future!

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If you want to know what The Quits is all about please watch the following video!

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