Bürner to hit the road

Swedish natives Björn, Mats and Janne are three middle aged guys that have proven that the Rock N Roll dream can come true even when you are in the middle of life.

They have always been playing in some ways, Björn and Mats are friends since long time and then they convinced Janne to join the band. Björn is the guitarrist and lead singer and his stage presence reminds me a lot of a punk rocker which I think is great. Mats is playing the base and is more laid back but without loosing contact with the audience. He is the chill dude!
Janne , the drummer, reminds me in his way to play the drums of one of my house gods…Mr Strummer! My passion for music started with the punk rock so of course Im getting happy when I see and hear the punk influences in some parts.
These guys play good hard rock and if you love bands like Motorhead, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Led Zepelin then you will fall in love with Bürner.

The 30th of September last year during Covid Bürner released their first album Baptized in Gasoline and like the name states, you get fueled Rock but with their own unigue sound. They have a bit of a dirty sound but I like my rock music that way. Sometimes it is way better when not everything is perfection. The release party was covid adjusted with only 50 people in the audience sitting on chairs. I can tell you that the energy was a blast so Im really looking forward to see them live with a sweatty and headbanging audience.

The guitar is pleasantly dirty, the base makes the heart stomp faster and the drums are crazily good! Bürner was already last year a band that people in the music business talked about, the rewiews where good both in Sweden and abroad. Bürner won a radio competition with their catchy song Hey,Hey. From the album is 8 millions reason to cry a favourite that went straight into my heart and soul.

Coming 11th of November is it time for the guys of Bürner to hit the road with start in Copenhagen as support act to the English band Orange Goblin. They will do 10 shows in 9 days so it will be hard work. Im looking forward to see them in Linköping,Sweden the 13th of November at The Crypt.
It is a Scandinavian tour. So if you are looking for great music and beer ,check out their tour plan. Bürner has together with the small brewery Prins Katts Hantverksöl released their APA Bürner Brew. Unfortunately was the beer sold out when I was looking for it but I will come back with a beer rewiew.

Now Bürner is rehearsing for the tour but they are also working on album number two. It will be fun to see what album number two will sound like and a rewiew will be up when its released. Bürner is signed by label Time to kill.

We wish the guys a great tour and I know we will hear much more from them!

Yours truly!


If you dont want to miss anything Bürner releases or announces, make sure you follow them through the following links!
Ticketlink for Malmö show on 12 nov:


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