Diamond Dogs announces new album

Swedish boogie rock legends Diamond Dogs have announced a new album! The album is called Slap Bang Blue Rendevouz, will be a double album and will be officialy released to the public on 21 January 2022.

One of rock’s most dynamic stage performers, Sweden’s boogie rock legends Diamond Dogs are sitting pretty nicely on top of their game, with the boogie piano and the delightfully sleazy overall feel, they sound like they’re having an absolutely blast!

Diamond Dogs are in a league of their own. The band have in a confident way been releasing topnotch rock albums since the early ’90s, and also having a large reputation for their energetic live shows often stretched out to over three hours, you’ll be hard pressed to find many bands revisiting this style of classic rock or doing it in such style. Think of it as rock and roll sushi!

Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous is a release for children of the 70’s. From the top it conjures up the spirits of the 70’s glam rock era and will be released thru Sound Pollution Media. The warm atmosphere brings the air of the golden age, and the energy of the songs and performance give a promise of rock music for the new generation! Diamond Dogs leaves the listener feeling like they’ve been somewhere momma told them not to go, but knowing that they’ll soon be visiting again!

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If you want to know what Diamond Dogs are all about, please watch the following video!

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