Harnbarg Metalfest in The Netherlands

In the Dutch town of Hardenberg, Harnbarg Metalfest will take place at 22 and 23 October 2021. This is the second time Hambarg Festival will take place and is an addition on the events that already take place in Hardenberg namely Metal Militia and Heavy Metal Party.

Bands like Anger Machine, Ceremony, Cyanide Paradise and Irons of Brutality will burn the house down on this 2-day event. The venue is called De Hoogenweg and is located in the dutch town of Hardenberg, a town in the eastern parts of The Netherlands not that far from the German border. Hotels and B&B’s are located in the area so a two day visit to the festival is surely an option! When you book, make sure youre aware of the proper Covid restrictions and have the proper documentation.

The runningorder will soon be announced and tickets are still available. A ticket for friday only will set you back 7,50 EUR, a saturday only ticket costs 18,50 EUR and a full weekend ticket is just 24,00 EUR!!
Via the following link you can order your tickets:
Harmbarg Metalfest Facebook:

And to give you a general idea of the music you can expect, check the following links:

Anger Machine
Cyanide Paradise

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