Jack Vreeswijk at Crescendo, Norköpping

It is the 3d of November, a dark fall evening is upon us with misty weather. We are at the small but cosy venue called Crescendo. We hear in the mumble different expectations for the show with Jack Vreeswijk. Some are a bit more of age and have seen his father Cornelis live.

Tonight’s show is Jack Vreeswijk and Love Tholin playing Jack’s father Cornelis Vreeswijk music. Cornelis Vreeswijk came to Sweden from The Netherlands as a child during World War II. Sweden is truly grateful for Cornelis as he became an artist in Sweden with huge success. Even today his music is being played on Swedish radio and television. It’s music that really sits in the bone marrow of the Swedish population. Songs that are played at weddings, school exams and some even at funerals. Cornelis was a bit rebellious as he refused to wear weapons in the compulsory military training and, as a result, had to do some days in jail for that. Some songs were censored as Swedish Radio thought he was to outspoken.

Cornelis Vreeswijk mastered the Swedish language even better than native Swedes. He used to play with words so easily that sometimes people really had to listen several times to one and the same song to get the message. We got a huge chest of loved songs from this man, some with a lot of humour, others just beautiful and some are a bit sad but every time with a message in the end.

I think every Swede has some memories and knows at least the refrains. My first memory of Cornelis Vreeswijk is the song Hönan Agda (Agda the hen). It’s a funny song!

During the show there are a lot of jokes between Jack, Love and the audience. Jack Vreeswijk is also telling authentic stories about his father and the songs. Some of these songs we have heard before and some are new. I like this kind of small-talk, as it gives life and depth to the music and paints a portrait of Cornelis Vreeswijk. In 2010 a movie was made about Cornelis. Hank von Hell played Cornelis Vreeswijk in the movie which is available at Netflix.

I was supposed to see Jack Vreeswijk a year ago on a covid adjusted concert, but due to cancer treatment was the show got postponed. Jack is in his voice and body language very much like his father, it is like two peas in a pot!
Jack and Love take the stage very well and it shows immediately that they are no beginners. In a natural way are they inviting the audience and there is a good energy throughout the whole show.

This evening we are actually hearing a new song! It is one of Cornelis his many poems that Jack found after his father past away. Jack transferred into a song and it is called Lilla Regn (Small Rain). Jack Vreeswijk has a very sensitive nerve in his voice and with emphases, intonation and a warm timbre he gives the songs live and soul.

The songs we hear tonight are like a walk down the memory lane to halcyon childhood memories that flashes by. We got an encore and he sings one of his father’s biggest song: Balladen om Fredrik Åkare

och fröken Cecilia Lindh. The concert ends with a sing a long in : I natt jag drömde (Tonight I Dreamt)

It was a great evening and a touching concert!

Yours truly!


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