Melting Eyes and Oldskull join forces

Dutch death Metalband Melting Eyes has joined forces with Oldskull Promotion for gaining exposure on socials and the world wide web. Oldskull Promotions has been given the task by Melting Eyes to let the world know, these Dutchies mean business and are ready to take over the world.

This 4 piece band originated in 2017 by Ben Ubert and Marc van der Meer. With the addition of Angelo Verlaan and Pier Segaar the band was complete and after writing songs and rehearsing them, the time had come for this Death metaloutfit to record their first EP. On the 1st of Augustus 2021 Melting Eyes released their debut EP named My Final Resting Place.

With the collaboration between Melting Eyes and Oldskull Promotions, the Death Metalband is trying to reach bigger audiances and spread the word about the debut EP Melting Eyes released. Oldskull Promotions director Marieke Jonkers states: ” Im really proud to announce Melting Eyes and Oldskull have joined forces. Melting Eyes is a band with a huge potential and it is an honour for me, to become a (little) part in their story and rise to succes!”

To make sure you dont miss anything Melting Eyes or Oldskull Promotions will release, please follow them on their socials. To give you a general idea about the music Metling Eyes is all about, check the video below.
Melting eyes:
Oldskull Promotions:

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