Siniestro releases new lyric video

Siniestro follows up last spring’s album release Vortexx with a lyric video for the track Blod eld Död. The Swedish-Chilean duo is accompanied by no other than Erik Grawsiö of Månegarm and Jens Järvinen of Järnblod on the track.

Blod eld Död is part of Siniestro’s most recent album release Vortexx. This second full length album was released on May 14th 2021 thru BlackLodge Records and containes 10 new songs. Blod eld Död is taken from this album and released as a single including lyricvideo!

If you don’t want to miss anything Siniestro of BlackLodge Records announces or releases, please follow them thru the following links!
BlackLodge Records:

To watch the lyric video of Blod eld Död of Siniestro, click the video below!

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