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In 2001 in Bordeaux, France Otargos emerged. A four piece ensemble that produces impressive black metal. In the 20 years Otargos has been around they have released several full length albums, a live album and a compilation album. During the worldwide covid pandemic , Otargos recorded their seventh album named Fleshborer Soulflayer as well as a new videoclip to promote the upcoming album. About the album and videoclip, and some other things, I sat down with Otargos!

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground!
How are you doing? Covid and all.

Hi! Everything went fine for us during the pandemic. We managed to record our 7th full length album Fleshborer Soulflayer and a videoclip for the song Incursion of Chaos to start promoting it.

How did the band came to excist?

Otargos was formed back in 2001 by our singer and guitarist U.W.

Can you introduce the bandmembers one by one?

U.W aka Dagoth is our Singer and guitarist. He is in charge of all the writing process of our music and lyrics.

M. Pliske, our bassplayer manages everything regarding the visuals and artwork of the band.

Mike Marteens slaughter the drums like no one else and write his own parts.

Astaroth, second guitarist player, assists Dagoth with the writing process and composes parts of the music.

You guys call yourself OTARGOS. How did you come up with this name and what does it mean?

Otargos is supposed to mean “the Goat” in ancient Greek.

Can you tell me something about the journey this far? Where did the creativity came from for your first “own work” and who (if any) did inspire you?

We are not really inspired by other bands but mostly by science and chaos. The tortured mind of U.W. excels in creating apocalyptic songs. Supported by the fury of other members, it came to create our own universe and identity.

What are the (longtime) goals with OTARGOS?

We consider Otargos as a  ́stage band’. This is where the magic happens as some say.
Our main goal is to spread our music and message on stage all over the world. Annihilating necks of new crowd as good as possible.

Are there are singles/ an album coming up?

Our 7th full length album will be released on decembre 10th throught our label Xenocorp.
You can already stream our last videoclip on YouTube. The song is called  ́Incursion of Chaos’ and is part of the new album.

Do you have any festivals/gigs/shows planned?

We are going to start promoting  ́Fleshborer Soulflayer’ at the beginning of 2022. Due to Covid, it takes a little bit more work to find some good shows than usual but we already have some plans.

Allright! Thank you for your time! On behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground we want to wish XFears all the best with all you guys take on in the future!

To make sure you wont miss anything Otargos or Xenokorp releases or announces, please follow them thru their website and/or socials.
Link for pre-order OTARGOS – Fleshborer Soulflayer:

If you want to know what Otargos is all about, please watch one of the following video’s!

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