Chris Kläfford at Söderköping!

It is a nice summer evening when I ride my bike through my little hometown Söderköping as I’m on my way to a concert from the man with the huge voice;  Chris Kläfford! It will take place at Söderköpings Brunn and it is Strenge & Wingren who has arranged the concert.

 I have followed Chris since 2017 when he won Swedish Idol and took Sweden by storm with  his interpretation of John Lennon’s Imagine. The first time I saw Chris live was at Norrköping’s city fiest in August2018, but as he was very nervous at that concert, it had a minor impact on me. Today Chris has truly grown as an artist; he is relaxed and it shows that he really enjoys being on stage. He tells stories both from private life and from the music business and it’s a lot of laughter’s that goes through the audience. It is a strength to dare to share stories like that but it also shows that Chris has become a great artist. He says: ”If you know who you are and belief in yourself then you can become whatever you want to be! Don’t forget to see to the small things in life because it is those who build the foundation in your relations and don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you love them.

This night in Söderköping Chris Kläfford is standing alone without a band. It is just him and his guitar which makes it into a very intimate concert. He has the audience in the palm of his hand as it is laughter’s, long applauds and cheering. Kläfford has an amazing voice with perfect intonation and phrases. His voice has a warm timbre and he give us every feeling that a person can feel. The goose bumps are all over me and my nerdy smile comes on especially when he hold on to these long tones. He is an amazing singer! He has a bit of roughness sometimes in his voice but it suits his music. The nerve is incredible. It is one of those concerts when the positive energy goes in waves between the audience and artist.

In March of 2023 Kläfford released his first full lenght album with the title Maybe it’s me. The lyrics are great and it feels very honest and genuine. Chris is that kind of singer that makes you believe in every word he sings. After every song comes long applauds and cheers and it shows that he is touched by the reaction. Some songs he performed this evening are:

Sober– a song about when two people are a bit shy and none dares to take the relation one step further.

This kind of love– a song about when a relation is stranded and no-one knows what it takes to get it back on track. The question is ,is it worth to fight for or shall it be the end?

The lying kind– a song about that you need to keep your eyes open when you go into a relation so you dont need to be a part of lies and betrayal.

Lost someone – a song about losses and sorrow. How long does it takes to live with the sorrow after someone has left you? Probably the whole life but it can change into something that is manageable without a lot of pain.

Maybe it’s just me-it is the title song from the album and it is about to dare to believe in your dreams without putting up hurdles for yourself. I can assure you all that this is a song that makes me ugly cry because it is so damn good!

Of course is Imagine played, it is a song that has become Chris signum and it would be strange to not hear it. We got the encore and he does an exquisite version of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on fire. Second song during encore is If not with you, for you. It is a song about Kläfford’s grandfather from the eyes of his grandmother. It is about love when you have become old and what you do for your significant other and how to handle the loss of a partner that you have had your entire life.

It was a great evening, great music performed by the man with the huge voice! The venue place is beautiful, sound and light were good so we had a great evening. The only thing I was sad about was that I didn’t hear the song Burial who is one of my favourites.

On behalf of Maizter-Underground are we wishing Chris a great tour and hopefully see him soon again!

Yours truly!




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