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Rodrigo Bravo from chile founded a solo project named BRAVELORD and currently released his first single.  I had the chance to talk with him about his Power Metal project, his influences and goals and of course the next steps of BRAVELORD.

First of all thank you for taking your time to do an Interview with Maizter Underground!
Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from? What was your motivation to found Bravelord? Why did you choose the power metal genre?

Hi, thanks for the opportunity to show a little of my project. I am from Chile, very far from you, but with the same love for music, specifically for power metal. Why did I found Bravelord? Hmm … because all my life I have been a fan of power metal and I said “why not?”, This is the opportunity to make my dream come true and make a power metal album like in the nineties, direct, epic, with a fantasy story and a message of caring for nature. I hope power metal fans like it.

What was the idea behind the name Bravelord?

It‘s very simple and funny too. My name is Rodrigo Bravo, so I am Brave Lord! …hehehe. When I came up with this idea, I thought it was perfect for my solo project and it work perfect as a power metal name.

The first Bravelord single “The Power from The End of The World” was recently released. The song is about resistance against the destruction of nature. What do you personally associate with this song and how did the lyrics come about?

That song is just the first chapter of a story that will be told throughout the album. The “end of the world” is Chile, specifically southern Chile, where I have spent beautiful moments with my family and friends. Due to global warming, caused by humans, nature is threatened, so it is necessary to become aware of the care of our planet. The “power” of the end of the world is us, who defend the forests, mountains, water and the beings that live in these beautiful lands. This is a story that is told in a fantastic way and with a lot of power metal music.

Your home country is Chile. What can you tell us about the metal scene there?

Chile is a very good place for metal. The fans here are very euphoric and they welcome international bands very well. In Chile there are many power metal bands too, so I invite you to listen to this Spotify list that I made with some of the bands from this part of the world:

The release of your debut album is planned for the near future. Will it, like the first single, tell stories about nature?

Yes, the debut album will also be titled “The Power of the End of the World”, and it will tell the story of Bravelord, the guardian of the end of the world, who will fight against the forces of The Evil and their Machines of Destruction. But Bravelord will not be alone, as the spirits of the Forest, the Water and the Mountain will help him in an epic battle that you must discover in the album that will be released next year.

What are your longtime goals with Bravelord?

My biggest goal is for power metal fans to like my album, that would be great. And then make more music that reaches many countries, invite musicians from all over the world to participate in Bravelord, and that the message of caring for nature serves to stop the destruction of our planet.

Do you have any gigs or festival appearances planned after the release of the first album?

For now I have nothing planned, because I am focused on composing and finishing my debut album. But after release, who knows? Hehehe.

When can we expect the next release? Can you tell us something about the new single?

On December I will release a new single, with the voice of Nico Borie, a well-known Chilean youtuber who makes Spanish versions of world-famous metal songs, and who also has his band Parasyche. It will be a very different song to the first single, because it will be heavier, something like a song of war and destruction, even with a touch of thrash metal in some parts.

Thank you for your time! We wish Bravelord all the best for the start and hope to hear more great power metal from Chile!
If you have any information for us that might interest your fans and potential new fans, please feel free to announce it here:

Thank you very much for the interview. I invite all power metal fans to listen to Bravelord, a project that I hope you like as much as I enjoy making epic songs, the kind that make you raise your fist while singing. Also visit my networks on instagram @BravelordOfficial, facebook, youtube and thank you again. Bye!

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Check out the lyric video from the first Single “The Power from the End of the World”:

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