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Put four guys together, let them fall in love with rock music and beer, and start-up a crowdfunding to be able to buy a mini-bus! That’s exactly what Red Roll did almost two years ago. What began as a dream for these four guys, is rapidly turning into reality! This Italian rock band is about to hit the studio to record their debut album! About this and some other things, I had a nice talk with Red Roll.

Hey, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Maizter Underground! How are you doing? Covid and all.

Hello guys! Thank you for this space! Here everything’s good! We are strongly works for a new full album! We are super excited, we already have all the new songs and in December we will go in studio to record! The new album will be out in April/May 2022! We really cannot wait! By the way we are working too on all the promotion of this new work… ! It’s a fully moment!

How did the band came to exist?

We started playing together almost 2 years ago but each of us have been playing since 15 years I think! From the beginning we have been working hard on this project from different side: we played a lot of cover to be able to start playing live.. to build our band feelings! But we early started writing our own songs! We made a crowdfunding to be able to buy an old bus ( our “Ragnar”), we have a craft beer with our name and logo, we have a clothes line…. Ecc.. Almost one year ago we released our first single and EP named At the end the beginning.

Can you introduce the band members one by one?

Red Roll are:
Passo does vocals and plays guitar
Leo does vocals and plays guitar
Cesi plays the bass guitar
Jhonny plays the drums

You guys call yourself Red Roll. How did you come up with this name and what does it mean?

Red Roll, for us means a red carpet to enter in another world, our world made by all our dreams, fears…. Red roll is our way of life…a way to make sense of our being here!

Can you tell me something about the journey this far? Where did the creativity came from for your first “own work” and who (if any) did inspire you?

Our musical influences comes from the Rock world in general, but each of us have different inclinations. Grunge, Metal, punk rock and rock… this is our world! We love band like Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, Muse etc… We don’t have one way to create music! Usually we start from an idea: a guitar riff, a vocal line, a text or a suggestion. Then we work a lot together… in rehearsal spaces trying to give a structure to the song. For this new album we recorded all the songs at home, to able to listen to it and have a more clear idea, and to work improve it if needed! We work with our producer too, for the arrangements etc… Our songs are mainly about feelings and emotions and we think that the upcoming album is a journey inside different emotions. They are an introspective journey into the sickest areas of our self!! hahaha

What are the (long-time) goals with Red Roll?

Our only goal is to be heard and be able to bring our music to the people !

Do you have any festivals/gigs/shows planned?

Yes we have! At the moment we have some shows around Italy but from May 2022, as promotion of the upcoming album, we will be touring all around Europe to present our work!

That sounds fantastic! We’ll meet on the road! For now, thank you guys for your time! On behalf of everyone at Maizter Underground we wan’t to wish you guys all the best with all you guys take on in the future!

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