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Russian based symphonic metalband DemUnillusions have released a single named Starlight. This is a reworked version of the original Russian one, which was released back in 2015. The track StarLight has an old version in Russian in 2015, but was re-recorded in English and in the modern sound of the group in 2021. This is the third reissued track of the old EP. And 2 more are planned in the near future – these are Far Away and Who Are You Now With.

DemUnillusions music is based on themes of freedom, insanity and struggle with oneself. The sound combines both dark motives and light melodies and energy. A powerful and epic symphonic base, heavy and melodic riffs, ringing and elastic bass, pulsating drums and non-academic vocals that is not standard for the genre.

Before the release of the track StarLight, a small photoshoot “The Liquid Space” by photographer Vitaly Alexandriysky was released.

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To check out DemUnillusions – Starlight click the link below!

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