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Hailing from Linköping, Sweden Emetropia has been around since 2017. After releasing their debut EP Precession of the Kings in 2018 Emetropia made their international debut in Belgium, was the opening band for Swedish Bloodbound and was supporting act for Swedish- Romanian Crossing Eternity. When covid hit the world Emetropia seized the opportunity to start the recording process for Equinox. The album brings the full story which was teased in in their debut EP. All tracks from that EP are “re-imagined” and re-recorded combined with brand new songs. The result is 9 tracks that have a combined playtime of just over 53 minutes. The album was released as an independent release on the 23rd of February 2022.

For me Emetropia is a new band. I encountered them once before when these Swedes released a single named Seasonal Warfare (Re-Imagined). It was an impressive song to say the least, so for me expectations are high.
The album opener Seasonal Warfare (Re-Imagined) is an uptempo song that reminds me a bit of symphonic metal gods Epica. Theatrical influences, impressive composition and spot on singing make for a great opening song. A Summer Breeze (Re-Imagined) is the second song and from the start it picks up tempo again. Where the first 30 somewhat seconds almost give a feel of pirate metal, it shifts seamlessly into more heavy symphonic metal. Again the voice of Lisa Wallenberg really stands out. Spot on, slightly classical, vocals combined with the vocals of Liam Strand are a good mix.
Next up is That Fateful Night. The pace of the music is still there, the theatrical accents are perfectly balanced and the tempo changes come in exactly the right moments. Throughout the song, I get a somewhat ominous feeling that somehow fits perfectly with the song.

Arriving at the fourth track of the album Lord Of The Blizzards (Re-Imagined),  the tempo drops a little and the voice of Wallenberg is more of a storytelling kind in this song. The music itself is well composed, the lyrics again are well written and the solo’s towards the end are a nice bonus. What follows is The First Leaf That Falls. The piano opening combined with the magical voice of Lisa Wallenberg set the tone for an impressive song. It sometimes feels a bit as a rollercoaster of emotions but in a good way. The changes in tempo and built up towards the end make this The First Leaf That Falls arguably the best song of the album for me.

Falls First Storm is the sixth song of the album and is a seamless fit with the song that preceded this one. Again the feel of the music reminds me a bit of bands like Epica, Visions of Atlantis and early Nightwish. If there is one point of criticism to be made, it is that Emetropia does not flow over with originality but that is not an issue when the music is this good.
Next up is The Old Gods and from the start the tempo is there once more. As in several other songs, the solo’s are a treat and well balanced with the vocals. Procession of the Kings (Re-Imagined) is the second to last song of the album and perhaps this track is the most mature of the album. It shows what Emetropia is capable of and in my opinion is a perfect showcase for their abilities. The tempo changes, the vocals and overall composition of this song is very good.
The album closes with His Final Endeavor and is a worthy closing track. With a little over eleven minutes His Final Endeavor is the longest track on the album. Perhaps this song is best described as symphonic power metal with an “epic” sauce. Like most of the album the tempo is high, the lyrics are strong, vocals are great and the overall composition is well thought out.


Equinox is Emetropia’s debut album and it does not disappoint. Lead vocalista Lisa Wallenberg has a wonderful and powerful voice that really fits Emetropia’s way of bringing their music to their listeners. Together with the greatly composed music and well thought out lyrics these Swedes have released a great album. The album has a total play time of 53 minutes and they literally flew bye. The only point of criticism I can find in this album is the lack of originality as it comes to the music itself. However, when the music is this well composed and combined with the lyrics and vocals, it isn’t an issue. The album itself is reasonably accessible and truly is a showcase of what symphonic metal is all about. The power and energy are felt throughout the album and if any, the songs scream to be played live for a big enthusiastic crowd!


Score 80/100

Lisa Wallenberg –
Liam Strand – Keys, Orchestra’s, Vocals, Songwriting
Olle Renius – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Jakobsson – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Oskar Heikinnen – Drums
Kristoffer “Bobo” Pynnönen – Bass

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