Moonshine Oversight drops new single

French progressive metallers Moonshine Oversight have released a brand new single named Remembrance. This single is taken from Moonshine Oversight upcoming sophomore album named The Frame, wich is going to be released at the 5th of November .

Moonshine Oversight about Remembrance: “This song is an introspective song where a memory can push us forward but memories are fragile and disappear with time. In the context of the album, the main character uses his main memory to get the strength to change the system.”
Connected to the rock/metal scene, Moonshine Oversight stand out for their progressive approach, borrowing the energy of rock, the power of metal, and even the delicacy of folk, creating powerful, introspective, and personal music.

The new album of Moonshine Oversight called The Frame will be released 5th of November 2021 thru Wormholedeath Records.
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