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Finally the time has come – the first Nekonomicon album, which bears the same title as the project, is about to see the light of day. Just recently we did an interview with the mastermind behind Nekonomicon, you can read it again here

Through the album we are accompanied especially by the fantastic voice of Kylee Brielle – you can read our interview with her here again, lots of growls, big feelings and nerdy sounds. Let’s start with level number one!

Those Creatures from Ganon are Pretty Bad (05:28)

Guest Vocals: Alex Theesen

The first song hits right in the face and starts with a mix of everything we expect from Nekonomicon. The only time this song lets us out of the stranglehold is when Kylee’s soft voice sounds and gives the song the right touch. A great opener, which immediately makes you want more – of course, here and there recorded sounds that you may know from a plumber with a red cap, may not be missing.

Your heroes are dead – on to the next song.

Ghost Maze Project (05:47)

Guest musicians: Ivan Glukhov

The second song starts much softer and immediately gives us an 80s synth touch. A mixture of quiet and harder passages paired with a catchy chorus lead us through this song, which I also like lyrically very well and is very pleasant to listen to. Particularly noteworthy is the rhythmic part at the end of the song, which once again highlights the good mix of Nekonomicon.

The Ghosts are hunting us – so we better go on now..

Dismantled (03:57)

Song number three is a good two minutes shorter than its predecessors, but immediately sticks in our ears. Kylee presents here impressively what a great clear voice she has and what earworm potential she can revive. Dismantled is one of the quieter songs on the album, which in no way diminishes the quality. It is catchy and also includes some passages where Kylee’s growls come out.

Let’s go on to the rhythm of our Nightmares..

One-Winged Angel of Death (03:33)

The song starts with a comparatively quiet chorus, before it goes directly hardcore with growls, which go directly into a very catchy chorus. A successful mixture of growls, clear vocals and a chorus that immediately goes into the ear. One-Winged Angel of Death can also captivate with very catchy guitar riffs. One of my absolute favorites of the album.

The One-Winged Angel has fallen from the Sky..

Heroes Out Of Time (03:42)

Heroes Out Of Time is a bit more leisurely, even if you can’t speak of a ballad here. The chorus awaits us with a mix of clear vocals and growls, which also accompany us through the rest of the song. The strength of the song is again the particularly catchy chorus. This song again holds a nerdy 8-bit tone for us.

We are running out of time – so prepare for the next one..


Speedrunning from my Problems (02:31)

Guest vocals: Anne-Line / Martin

This song doesn’t wait long – no wonder, because it goes just two and a half minutes. As the title already suggests, we virtually run through this track. We are again accompanied by a mix of growl – and clear vocals – and the video game feeling may of course not be missing. If you need a track to do something in eightfold speed, Speedrunning from my Problems is just right for you.

With the speed of light we present you Level 7..

Cursed Kurbee (03:41)

Guest vocals: Laur Lindmäe 

“Hello everybody how are you doin'”… is the first question this song asks us with a strange voice before it gets down to business and the guitar riff kicks in. Again the song works with a great mix of everything you can imagine. Definitely one of the heavier tracks on this album.

The Demon has awaken we are all forsaken..

Song Of Warmth (4:28)

Every good album needs a ballad – Nekonomicon is no exception. Kylee proves here again what an incomparable voice she has and leads us through this song, which also directly touches the heart with its lyrics.

Help me guide me through the night.. and onto the next song.

Zombified Hyperlinks (04:04)

Zombified Hyperlinks awaits us as the ninth track, the second previously unreleased after One-Winged Angel of Death. In the total of 4 minutes and 4 seconds we can expect an average song of the album, but it does not disappoint at all. Kylee presents us in the chorus of the song a previously unknown side of her singing, which gives the song that certain touch.

The end is near..

Terrestrial Sacrifice of Nyazathoth (05:15)

Guest vocals: Craig Cairns

The third previously unreleased track is Terrestrial Sacrifice of Nyazathoth. Probably nobody can pronounce it properly, but you don’t have to. The highlights of the song are the epic intro and the once again extremely catchy chorus with Kylee’s voice. This song also features Craig Cairns who adds that certain something to this song with his powerful power metal voice. In the middle of the song, the two wait with a musical-like part, which I must emphasize here.

Wasteland Years (01:47)

The album ends with the short outro Wasteland Years, which once again comes up with a “classic” style and definitely provides a good mood.



Other Contributors:

Mixing and Mastering – Theodor Borovski
Album Cover – Nahuel Amaya


Maizter Undergrounds Rating

Nekonomicon around mastermind Andri show with their debut album that we will definitely hear more from them – and definitely want to.

Each song has something special and there is never a dull monotony when listening to this album. My favorite on this album is “One-Winged Angel of Death”, probably because it’s already on continuous loop for me and I can’t get enough of it.

The mixing and artwork of the album, as well as the artwork for the individual songs show how much heart and soul has gone into “Nekonomicon”.

The voice of Kylee Brielle, who is a real diamond in the rough in the metal scene, also deserves special mention. One of the best albums I could listen to this year.

Rating: 9 / 10 

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