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With the release of the fifth single Slashy Sue is all set for the release of their debut album The Slashes Tapes which is set for release on the 27th of May. This album is going to be released as an independent release and will be available through all digital platforms.

Slashy Sue is an Industrial horror metalband originated in 2019 in Sweden. The founders of this band can be known for their work in Swedish Zephyra. Slashy Sue and her music are based on the fictional tale of serial killer Susan Henderson. The story goes that Miss Henderson killed and cannibalized 37 victims which earned here the nickname of Slashy Sue. The songs are Susan Henderson’s (fictional) confessions.

With the release of the Ballad of Blood Slashy Sue has dropped the fifth single of The Slasher Tapes. This will be the final single release before the album is going to be shared with the world. Since Slashy Sue’s inception back in 2019, they have worked hard to build a name for themselves as Slashy Sue. After releasing several well received single’s the time is right to release a full length album. This will be done as an independent release and will be available on all digital platforms comes the 27th of May.

However, this Swedish couple has decided that The Slasher Tapes will be the last album they will release. After this, they will take a step back to create more time for each-other and their loved ones around them.

Tony Netterbrant : “Åsa and me have talked a lot lately and we have come to a conclusion:
We don’t have the ENERGY or the WILL to continue with the music on the same high level as we have done for so many years.  To have a band that wants to become bigger and to grow takes a lot of ENERGY, WILL and TIME and we DO NOT really have that anymore.
We have things in our lives that for the first time in over 13 years are more important than our band(s). It’s time for a new direction in life. A more quiet and private direction
We are PROUD of all that we have done and we are SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU FOR SUPPORTING US through the years, our albums, shows and tours. It really has been a lot of love! THANK YOU! ”

Slashy Sue:
Åsa Netterbrant – All vocals
Tony Netterbrant – All instruments, Producing and Mixing


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