Netterbrant releases Aldrig Ensam

Today 10 october 2021, at World Mental Health Day, Swedish Netterbrant released a new single named Aldrig Ensam (Never Alone). This song is dedicated to all who experience mental health issues and is brought to us by Swedish couple Tony and Asa Netterbrant.

Netterbrant is a musical project created by Tony and Asa Netterbrant. Tony is a songwriter and musician, playing guitars, bass, drums and doing vocals. Åsa is a singer, working with clean vocals, growls/grunts and distorted vocals.
Both musicians can be known for their work in several bands and projects including Zephyra and Slashy Sue.

Aldrig Ensam is dedicated to all who expierence mental health issues. Tony Netterbrant experiences periods of diffucult mental times himself and he is very open about this. With a post on social media Netterbrant asked for a short video of their fans and followers, and these clips have been used to make the videoclip for this new song.

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Recently Tony Netterbrant did an interview about metal and mental health issues and how they interact in Tony’s life! An open and interesting view into Tony’s life!

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