Ptolemea releases new single

Luxembourg based Ptolemea has released a brand new single and videoclip named Mad. Ptolemea brings Rock Soul, Pagan Spirit with heavy riffs, groovy rythmes, psychedelic sounds and powerful vocals. This five piece band delivers finest grungy, Alice in Chains-like rock music with a pagan spirit twist.

The Name Ptolemea is inspired by the astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemeus. He took part in the discussion of the “music of spheres” in which the distance of the planets in the universe was measured by musical intervals. Believing that the expansion of the universe is connected to the expansion of every living soul, founder and leadsinger Priscila Da Costa chose this name in a  willingness to share the key steps of her musical and spiritual path which defines her identity as an artist.

The journey started with the first EP Tome I (2018). Looking for authenticity, she kept seeking her true self throughout her second EP Maze (2020). With this new single Mad she is transitioning into a new artistic direction, letting her music and sound evolve and expand as her life journey takes its turns.

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