Slashy Sue announces new single and launches new website

Industrial horror metalband Slashy Sue has announced a new single, to be released on November 12, 2021. This brand new song from this Swedish outfit is named Wheel of Death and will be part of the upcoming album of Slashy Sue (release date TBA).

Furthermore Slashy Sue announced that, as of today, their brandnew website will be online!

Slashy Sue is a Industrial horror metalband originated in 2019 in Sweden. The founders of this band can be known for their work in Swedish Zephyra. Slashy Sue and her music are based on the fictional tale of serial killer Susan Henderson. The story goes that Miss Henderson killed and cannibalized 37 victims wich earned here the nickname of Slashy Sue. The songs are Susan Henderson’s (fictional) confessions.

To make sure you wont miss anything Slashy Sue announces or releases, make sure you follow them on their BRANDNEW WEBSITE or socials!

If you want to know what Slashy Sue is all about, please watch the following video!

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