Vanaheim reveals artwork

Dutch Folk/Pagan metal band Vanaheim has revealed their artwork for the upcoming debutalbum. The artwork is a creation from Julian Bauer and is going to be the album cover of the upcoming debut album of this five piece band named Een Verloren Verhaal (A Lost Story)

On the 15th of april 2017 Vanaheim released their first EP called The House Spirit and was recieved with high ratings and high expactations for things to come. Vanaheim already shared the stage with names like Heidevolk, Finsterforst and Equilibrium and are ready to hit the stages once again. An official release date for the upcoming Een Verloren Verhaal is not been announced yet.

Make sure you follow Vanaheim on their Facebook and Webpage to keep updated, and to give you an idea what Vanaheim is about, watch the following video!


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